Sushi Mitsuya

Sushi Mitsuya

Near Tanjong Pagar MRT

Sushi Mitsuya is one of the few restaurants that serve edo-mae sushi as a fine dining concept in a very zen restaurant. These sushi were named as edomae sushi as they are prepared from fish that is freshly caught from the Edo bay or Tokyo bay. Having been to Shinji (that is owned by michelin starred shinji Kanesaka), I thought that I may have similar if not just slightly less good but still superb sushi from Sushi Mitsuya and I was left disappointed. Shall start with the sushi set that I had first. I chose the 8 piece sushi set that costs $60++.

sushi mit - 3Had the starters first. Starting from right, I could only remember sour, salty and sweetness. The taste was really intense for each individual starter and I didn’t really enjoy that except for the last piece of sweet fish which tasted savoury at the same time. That was a pretty good starter while the salty middle one is way too salty for me.

sg august 2013Next, the sushi. On the whole, the ingredients used are very similar to the 9 piece sushi at shinji except for some. In general, I would consider them as 2 levels below the standard of Shinji. Firstly, ingredients are not as fresh and the colour doesn’t look as vibrant as Shinji. At shinji, the fish literally just melts in your mouth but over here you definitely need to make an effort to chew it.

I guess that’s because Shinji imports its seafood from Tsukiji market more often than Sushi Mitsuya. Next, the rice used here is a little cold unlike in Shinji when it is still lukewarm. I felt more satisfied when I had slightly lukewarm sushi actually. Indeed, Shinji has changed my perception of sushi. The nori used for wrapping the maki in Shinji is dry and crispy while the one here sticks a little and isn’t crispy at all. Shinji sushi chefs ensure that the wasabi doesn’t sting your nose but over here, the chef puts too much wasabi and I can’t really taste the fish. The only sushi that was executed better was the anago sushi with yuzu. As it has yuzu flakes sprinkled on it, it tastes really refreshing and tasty but really this is the same as that served in Shinji and I still prefer Shinji’s. Also, the chef who prepared my meal has nails while those in shinji have theirs regularly trimmed.

sushi mit - 4Clear mushroom soup was really clear and there’s some gelatin like things in it. Really tasty, clear and warm soup that soothes the stomach.

sushi mit - 1Dessert was sesame pudding and Japanese mango. Pudding was very smooth and soft and sesame taste was quite intense and fragrant.

sushi mit - 2 After comparing sushi mitsuya so much to Shinji, it may have seemed that I didn’t enjoy myself and wouldn’t recommend this restaurant. However, I would still say that it is a good restaurant. It’s just that having been to Shinji twice, and knowing that I can get much better sushi for about the same price, I would definitely go back to Shinji in future. While Shinji serves chutoro and otoro for its $75 nine piece menu, sushi mitsuya doesn’t serve any of such premium cuts. Also, I felt that the Japanese chef and owner, Ryosuke Harada (has more than a decade of experience in making sushi in HK and Tokyo), of this restaurant is the only person running the whole show. His other staff, from crew to chef are all locals it seems. Thus, from service to food quality, it will definitely not be as Japanese as Shinji which only has Japanese chef and Japanese waitresses dressed in kimonos. Well, if you are around the area and crave for a decent and good sushi, then sushi mitsuya will be the place to go to. But, I guess I wouldn’t visit this restaurant again unless it lowers its price or the food quality gets better.

Verdict: A good restaurant (Worth a visit)


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