Shinji by Kanesaka (part 2)

Shinji by Kanesaka

Raffles Hotel

Having been here three times within two months, I must say that this is really my favourite sushi hang out place. Its a good place for a bday celebration as well. So, went there this time to celebrate my friend’s bday and also to try out the 12 piece sushi tsuki lunch set which costs $125. Shinji part 2

These were the sushi that I had in my previous nine piece sushi course. Of course that isn’t everything as I would like to post the individual photos of those premium cuts. Really lovely and fresh sushi definitely and my dining companion was a little taken aback by how good these sushi are. I guess most people wouldn’t know that sushi can be this good until they tried it. And I think the most exciting bit is that the rice is warm and that sets its standard far apart from many other edo mae sushi restaurants. The proportion of topping to rice is just right too with more fish than rice. Also, the freshly grated wasabi used is of the right amount and will definitely not sting your nose. So from top left we have : I forgot the first one, Horse mackerel, bonito (what they use for bonito flakes), marinated tuna (a very traditional sushi when there wasn’t any chiller), tiger prawn, tamago, negitoro, anago with yuzu flakes, radish with yuzu flakes. Love the radish a lot. It’s my first time having radish with yuzu flakes dressing. Sweet and refreshingly fragrant!

shinji 12 - 19Wasabi to make freshly grated wasabi!

shinji 12 - 2The squid or ika sushi this time is quite different from the previous one. I think that’s cause different chefs made it and so you get a different presentation. This one was sliced into thin slices and makes it very easy to munch.

shinji 12 - 3Spanish mackerel. Really smooth and melt instantly in your mouth. Love the texture of this fish and its lusciousness. Also, the piece of meat is really chunky I thought.

shinji 12 - 4And definitely wouldn’t forget this beef look alike chutoro! which is semi fatty tuna. So soft and again melts instantly. You really don’t have to move your jaws much. Super delicious. So fresh again.

shinji 12 - 5And the pretty elegant otoro which means tuna belly. Really smooth, soft and once again melts in your mouth.

shinji 12 - 6Samo sushi I think. Not too sure the spelling of it. Love this sushi too.

shinji 12 - 10shinji 12 - 11And finally I get a taste of the uni (sea urchin) sushi. In case you may think that those are roe look alike toppings, they are actually the gonads that produce the roes. Very creamy, fresh, buttery and slightly sweet. This sushi is served colder than the fishes as I think it may go bad more quickly. Felt so satisfied after having my uni sushi. It really has been a while since I last had my fresh uni in tsukiji fish market for breakfast. Though it may look really unhealthy and full of cholesterol; on the contrary, it is actually very nutritious. Full of vitamins and fibre so don’t feel guilty if you eat too much of it.

shinji 12 - 16shinji 12 - 17

And they gave my dining companion a sushi ‘cake’ with a candle on it for her bday celebration! It’s actually a uramaki and there’s seared fish in it. If I’m not mistaken, this is a course served in the omakase set and we got it for free. haha!

shinji 12 - 18To end of this lovely meal, is a lovely dessert. Bottom is not slush but chopped jelly with mint and berry. The berry has a tinge of rum taste in it and I thought it was a pretty good dessert.

For the past three visits, none of the visits have been disappointing at all even though I was served by three different chefs. This shows how consistent the standard is among all the chefs and head chef. Really love the fresh ingredients used there. Thought $125 may sound pricey for 12 pieces of sushi, I believe that it’s still really worthy and reasonably priced given the freshness of the ingredients, atmosphere of the restaurant and the precision of the taste that each sushi has.

Verdict: Definitely, an Excellent restaurant. (Must go and revisit)

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