Takashimaya Shopping Centre

paul - 1Knew that Paul has opened a branch in Singapore quite some time ago but this is the first time that I visited it as there were so many Paul in London. Was pretty surprised that the standard here is pretty good too.

paul - 4Got the chicken breast salad. Salad was crunchy and crisp, while green apple wasn’t too sour and juicy. The apple juice makes the savoury chicken breast really appetising. As chicken breast is usually very dry, I don’t really like eating it but this one isn’t at all and I thought that was good. The nuts and raisins gave it a slight sweetness. Refreshing salad indeed! $18

paul - 3This chocolate dome was albeit sinful, delicious. Really soft, moist and smooth inside. Tasted a little like mousse but with a more solid consistency. Really rich in chocolate and I love it. The chocolate bits at the sides are crunchy and delicious too. $7

paul - 2The mango pastry is really flaky and not too sweet. the custard filling is creamy, fragrant and just of the right sweetness. Delicious pastry. $7

Paul is really a good place to go for afternoon tea or if you really crave for a good salad I feel. To sum up, it is a casual restaurant that serves delicious desserts and salads at a reasonable price!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant! (Must go and revisit)


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