Pizzeria Mozza

Pizzeria Mozza

Marina Bay Sands

Pizzeria Mozza is an Italian bistro that serves pretty good Italian food. It is located at the MBS and beside it, is its sister restaurant Osteria Mozza, which does fine-dining and has gotten into top 50 Asia restaurants. To be honest, I’m actually not a fan of Italian food as I find them quite boring but since this looks like a pretty good bistro, I thought I should give it a try.

pm - 1pm - 2It was a little crazy as two of us ordered 5 dishes. So, to start off, we had the sausage, fennel pizza to share. Indeed. this is really a pizza place. The cheese here is light and not too strong tasting while the spring onions adds a little bit of green to the sausage, making it less meaty and carnivorous. The thing that really impresses would be the bread. Soft, fluffy and ethereal, it really doesn’t feel too doughy or thick at all. The crust at the end is in fact very thin as is it 80% hollow while the flour in the middle is evenly thin and doesn’t make the pizza full of carbohydrates. Saw the chef making the pizza and he was actually thinning the pizza by rotating the pizza along the knuckles of his fist. Really interesting way I thought. Was thinking he could have just flipped the dough like a roti prata as that is faster. $30.

pm - 5The devil chicken wings that are slightly spicy and quite oily actually. Didn’t like this dish much as it was just chicken greased with chilli oil and isn’t fragrant or tasty. As there are only three wings for $18, thought it was super overpriced too.

pm - 3Mash with little fish and olive oil bruschetta. Actually, I couldn’t taste much of the fish. Tasted more of the mash and olive oil. Nevertheless I pretty much like this bruschetta as the mash tasted quite fragrant while bread is quite thin. It may a little bit of carbo loading here but thought it was not bad for sharing. $18.

pm -The lagsane special on Sunday. This lagsane is indeed slightly different I thought as the top bit is slightly crispy. The lagsane pieces in it are green in colour and there were quite a lot of minced meat. Pretty normal taste but quite well made I thought and isn’t too creamy or cheesy. $30.

pm - 6Got the strawberry gelato dessert which is a huge strawberry ice cream cake essentially. Sounds delicious but in fact was mediocre I thought. Gelato was smooth but If there were no strawberries, it will take me a while to know that it’s strawberry flavoured. The taste was bland and really unlike the gelato that I had in London which are more intensely flavoured. This dessert was a letdown and costs $19. Too expensive indeed given the quality.

I believe that Pizzeria Mozza is called Pizzeria for a reason as its pizza is really good while the rest are pretty ok and maybe some mediocre. Maybe that’s because I’m really not a big fan of Italian food. It is still a good restaurant as I would recommend its pizza strongly. Ambience is relaxing for a Sunday afternoon and a good place to hang out with friends. Service is good too as they know that I may dirty my hands and gave me some wet tissue. I guess I may revisit this place but not in the near future. An affordable bistro if you do not order the ‘wrong’ things.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (Worth a visit)


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