Summer Palace

Summer Palace

Regent Hotel

Summer Palace is really quite a big restaurant with many tables. After realising that the two HK chefs would make the effort to make new dim sum creations every season, I thought it’s somewhere that I would like. Indeed, the presentation of some dim sum is really pretty and isn’t expensive at all.

sp - 1

sp - 2Polo char siew bao! Polo buttery crust was flaky and so fragrant. It’s soft and quite thin while the moist sweet fragrant char siew felt really substantial. Really good polo char siew bao.

sp - 5Steamed pumpkin dumpling. Skin was thin and not sticky at all. Fillings consisted of shrooms and of course pumpkin which made a really good combination. Ingredients were of course fresh too.

sp - 13The steamed lobster dumpling was the star dumpling I thought. Actually it’s taste is pretty much expected but I think the presentation itself is already a winner. The dumplings look really dainty. The skin looks like jade while the caviar makes it look even more high class. Skin is really well made, moist and not sticky. Yums.

sp - 14The bird nest prawn dumpling was delicious too. Ingredients wee fresh of course and prawns were succulent. But I actually couldn’t taste much of the bird nest.

sp - 6The mango prawn roll with fried vermicelli was delicious. Very flaky and crispy crust with succulent prawn filling.

sp - 7sp - 8Abalone glutinous chicken rice. Abalone was springy and the sauce goes well with the moist glutinous rice. There’s also chicken filling in the glutinous rice.

sp - 9Yam puff that is well made. Crispy crust with soft yam fillings within. Yam filling was smooth and not bitty at all and the meat in it makes it very fragrant. Delicious yet not queasy.

sp - 11

sp - 12

Chocolate fried sesame ball. Actually found this quite oily and I would prefer sesame paste in it instead as it would be more fragrant then.

sp - 10Glutinous rice roll with mango. I love this dessert but would have preferred more mango in it! The glutinous rice texture was springy and not too thick while the coconut shavings made it quite fragrant. There seems to be a little bit of fragrant spread in it; think it may have contained butter as it doesn’t just taste like glutinous rice and mango only. Delicious.

On the whole, summer palace serves really good and exquisite dim sum that doesn’t cost a bomb. Only paid $30 per pax and we were already full! As the menu is seasonal, I would definitely return to taste the chefs’ new creations. I believe the chefs take on dim sum is to make them into dainty, attractive high tea snacks which I really like as it whets your appetite even more.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant (Must go and revisit!)


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