Nara Thai Cuisine


Ion orchard

Knowing that it has been recently awarded as the best restaurant in Thailand this year, I thought I should visit it as it just opened its doors at Ion Orchard on 12th September 2013. Also, for their grand opening, they are offering a 10% off the total bill until 19th Sept, effectively removing the service charge. As I had pretty high expectations of this restaurant, there were some hits and misses in both the quality of the food and service.

nara - 1The beautiful interior.

nara - 9We started off with the pomelo salad which was really good. Prawns were succulent and fresh while pomelo is slightly sweet and very juicy. Love how the citrus fruit bursts in the mouth. The fried shallots added also made it very fragrant. Like this salad. $14. But things took a turn after this dish. Luckily, the desserts managed to save it.

nara - 3Yellow curry soft shell crab. This is tasty and fragrant but a tad oily. Fried soft shell crab together with yellow curry indeed sounds like a calorie bomb. The soft shell crab is also slightly soggy and not crispy. $19.

nara - 4The appetiser platter. There’s pandan chicken, satay, fish cakes and a small portion of the pomelo salad. They tasted how they should taste like if you were to walk into an above average Thai restaurant. $18.

nara - 5Fried grouper in hot and sour soup. We were really disappointed with this dish as it was shown on the menu as a whole fried grouper in hot and sour soup but we have only gotten chunks of fish meat over here. Actual presentation was greatly different from the menu. Also, I did not like the taste of the spicy soup as it just tasted spicy and sour but not fragrant. The other table got a fried grouper on its own and its so much bigger, fluffier and looks more tantalising. $33.

nara - 6The desserts were cute and very interesting though. To get this whole chunk of toppings, you just need to get the coconut ice cream that comes with Thai condiments and all these are yours. Its a little weird that they give you so much toppings for just a small ball of ice cream. So I added them to my other two desserts too which worked. It’s really amusing and fun I thought to concoct your own dessert at the same time. The 8 condiments are fragrant glutinous rice, peanuts, corn, atap seed, red ruby, papaya cubes, chendol and jackfruit. I feel that you can already make a new dessert by adding jackfruit to your glutinous rice. $8.80.

nara - 7The mango glutinous rice dessert which was very good. Rice was warm while mango was sweet and really soft. If you run out of glutinous rice, just get from the Thai condiments. $6.80.

nara - 8This is glutinous rice balls in salted coconut soup. Was really good dessert again I thought. Springy balls in fragrant soup. I actually added a bit of chendol, red ruby from the 1st dessert to this and tasted pretty good. Glutinous rice topping is also a viable option. $6.80.

Nara looks like a plush restaurant that serves pretty standard Thai food. Its food is above average with some hits and misses but I really love its dessert, especially the coconut ice cream with Thai condiments that allows your imagination to run wild. And also not to forget the refreshing pomelo salad. Service crew is clad in smart suit and uniform but I thought service was really tardy. It takes quite a long time for them to clear unwanted dishes. In short, it’s another above average Thai restaurant to me. It is definitely no where near Kha which has been my favourite Thai restaurant for really long. Paid about $120 for 3 people and given that price I would rather pay $50 more at Kha which serves much finer and tastier Thai food.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (Worth a visit)

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