Les Amis

Les Amis

Shaw Centre

Being ranked at 14th in Asia’s top 50, this is one of the restaurants that I am interested to visit. Had the lunch menu and thought that it was quite cheap actually. They have 3 different set lunches priced at $45, $60 and $120. I got the $60 one while my dining companion got the $45.

les amis - 1 Bread was served first as always and it was really a huge basket. We have sour dough, olive, brioche, ham and one that is like a mini baguette. Bread was good here. Warm and fluffy and I finished quite a lot of it. The brioche was less buttery though and less fragrant but still pretty good.

So, lets start with the $45 menu.

les amis - 3Salad with oil dressing, tomatoes. Taste was expected and refreshing.

les amis - 5The second course is an onion soup. The soup was deliciously fragrant and not too queasy as it isn’t super oily.

les amis - 7The black cod I thought was really well cooked and presentation is quite pretty too. Fish was not overcooked at all despite it being quite a big chunk. Flesh inside was smooth and melts quite quickly. Really good main I thought.

les amis - 8Dessert was a fruit tart. Isn’t too sweet and the biscuit wasn’t too dry. Goes well with the yoghurt beside it. It’s my friend’s birthday and I only realised it 30min before we started out meal! Luckily, managed to call them in time to write a happy bday message for the dessert. Quite a good dessert.

And then we move on to the $60 menu.

les amis - 2Maki of smoked salmon and celeriac. The maki was quite interesting as it wasn’t rice in the maki roll but some vegetable strands. I personally didn’t like the presentation as the salmon looks black and stale even though it wasn’t. This is I think a fusion course that failed to shine. But still a not bad course.

les amis - 4This cube consists of alternating layers of anago (eel) and foie gras. It actually looks a lot like our kueh lapis. Taste was not bad though. The foie gras was really smooth. This combination of tastes actually works I thought. Quite a good dish.

les amis - 6Angel hair pasta with lobster, crispy ebi and parmesan. This was a small plate of pasta but the taste was quite flavoursome. Pasta felt fragrant and slightly creamy and of course not dry at all. The ebi added a bit of asian flavour to it. Quite a good mains.

les amis - 9Dessert was mango puree with some mango cubes in it. Pretty normal I thought.

les amis - 11This traditional French pastry was really well made here. It is lemon flavoured and the crust was slightly crisp while the inside is moist. Very delicious.

les amis - 10

Les Amis is really quite a pretty restaurant. I wasn’t blown away by the lunch menu though. While the $45 serves normal French courses and the taste is what you would have expected, the $60 menu aims to do fusion courses – Japanese with French. It was good but not excellent I feel as it doesn’t come as sophisticated and delicious as I thought it would be. Maybe cause I’ve also been comparing it to Andre which is in a realm of its own as it loves to do Japanese-French fusion courses which are all executed perfectly. Maybe Les Amis serves more daring and delicious courses at night. It was still a good restaurant though as service was good and prompt while the interior is quite beautiful.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (Worth a visit)

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