Department of Caffeine


15 Duxton Road

After Osteria Mozza, I wanted to try the desserts at department of caffeine as their photos looked very delectable.

DOC - 4

DOC - 3Got the lavendar honey cake which I thought was really well presented. It was served warm and the crust was still slightly crisp. There wasn’t much lavendar taste until you have the cake with the flower. Not too sweet and delicious I thought. A well made cake. About $5.

DOC - 5And also ordered the banana waffle with rum and vanilla ice cream. Waffle was warm, fluffy and really well made while banana was very soft and sweet. It tasted very good initially but got too sweet towards the end I felt. Loads of sugar in there. So if you do not have a sweet tooth, maybe you will prefer the blueberry waffle. About $14.

DOC - 2Ordered the elderflower lemonade which tasted zesty and the elderflower/orange/mint juice which was refreshing too I felt. There was only a slight mint taste but towards the end I think I could only taste orange. $5.50 each.

DOC - 1The interior is quite pretty and modern but really it is too warm. Tables are a little close to each other and I think they should just blast the air con so that customers will have a better dining experience. I was literally sweating while having my food. Spent about $15 per person for a really satisfying dessert. Good cafe!

Verdict: An excellent cafe.


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