Common Man Coffee Roasters

Common Man Coffee Roasters

22 Martin Road

Common Man is one of the more popular cafes that have just opened in Singapore. Don’t think reservations are taken as there was a queue when we arrived. Luckily people in front of us didn’t have the patience to wait and soon after it was our turn. This place serves all day breakfast. While my friends chose the egg benedict with ox cheek and full breakfast, I got the Turkish breakfast topped with Halloumi.

cmcr - 1Got the mushroom salad with pesto sauce side that costs about $12. Didn’t find anything special about this dish but instead there was too much pesto oil coating on each mushroom slice. Not worth ordering.

cmcr - 2The egg benedict looks quite pretty with the ox cheek but did not try it. $25.

cmcr - 3Tried a little of the full breakfast and thought once again was not spectacular at all. Actually, being a full breakfast, I don’t think it can be that great as so much processed food is being used. $20 ish

cmcr - 4The turkish breakfast was pretty good when I had my first bite. The golden crusted ball contains feta cheese and at the bottom is humus. Everything tasted really delicious at first bite but got really queasy towards the end as there are a lot of cheeses. The vegetables were pretty normal, refreshing and tasted mediterranean. The fried vermicelli wrapped ball is actually an egg within as shown below. Yolk is really runny and this is the star component of the whole meal. The fried vermicelli look alike thing seems to be coated with little sweet chilli sauce as it tasted quite Asian. Yums. $25.

cmcr - 6

cmcr - 5I missed Halloumi so much. The last time I had it was at a lab bbq at cambridge and I remembered my lab mate grilled it for me and it was heavenly. This Halloumi did not perform up to that standard. It has the right squeegee texture but was too salty I felt. I really think that Halloumi actually tastes nice on its own and better when grilled. Miss the last one I had made by my friend. $5.

Common Man Coffee Roasters is especially busy during the weekends. So, I think if you want to skip the queue, then either go really early or late in the afternoon after lunch. Also, it’s pretty noisy inside and feels more like a bar rather than a relaxing brunch place. Still, this would be quite a nice and chic cafe to go to I feel. But if you are impatient to queue, then maybe you can visit the Thai restaurant Kha beside it.

Verdict: A good cafe. (Worth a visit)

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