Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy

Marina Bay Sands

guy savoy - 1Beautiful interior that is simple and calming I thought.

guy savoy - 11The free stuff given to us. Clockwise from top left, we have foie gras bites, cheese bread, cheese and tomato bread which was warm and really soft and brioche with mushroom soup. Felt that they love to use cheese in this lunch set menu. Like the bread though as it was really soft and fluffy.

guy savoy - 4My vegetarian starter that has courgette. The courgette in the pot was quite delicious. warm, soft and doesn’t make you too queasy. Other than that it was pretty traditional, simple french food I guess.

guy savoy - 2

guy savoy - 3

The sashimi fish here tastes smooth and is definitely fresh. The toppings make it really refreshing and whets your appetite. This is one of the better dish out of the whole meal I thought.

guy savoy - 5The monk fish mains. Everything was alright, but the fish was a little dry I thought. The inside felt like shreds. Not too good.

guy savoy - 6Lamb shank mains was pretty alright too and I thought the garnishing felt quite kiddish actually.

guy savoy - 7

guy savoy - 8Dessert is the best part of the meal I felt. This is the chocolate orb and in that chocolate shell is banana sorbet. Warm mango sauce is poured over it to break open the shell and the whole dessert tastes really refreshing and taste was quite heavy too. yums.

guy savoy - 9The chocolate fondant is equally delicious. Top chocolate layer is so thick and decadent actually while the crunchy biscuit at the bottom is quite fragrant. Love this dessert.

guy savoy - 10Then comes the petite four which are quite nice. Didn’t really enjoy the green chewy thing and macaroon was alright but not as exciting and surprising as that of Hashida sushi.

Guy Savoy is a pretty nice restaurant in MBS. It is quite weird as our 3 course express lunch only costs $55 which is the price for the 2 course set lunch on the menu. Not that I’m complaining. Felt that food here isn’t as interesting and exciting. It’s quite standard french fare. Definitely not as exciting as that of Andre. But then again, it is a really reasonably priced lunch I thought and bread here is good I felt. The lunch also seems to be particularly stronger in the desserts and only the fish starter while the mains were quite mediocre.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (Worth a visit)

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