The Rise

The Rise

Marina Bay Sands

the rise - 9

I am really not much of a buffet person but felt so compelled to praise the pastry chefs from The Rise. Dessert there is just so strong and the variety of food there is quite unique and definitely is a cut above most other buffets. I actually dug into the desserts after my appetisers – salads as they are just so inviting. The desserts there were all above average, nothing is too dry and interesting pastries like Portuguese egg tarts were also served too. It really is my first time seeing a huge bowl of egg tarts. 

rise - 1So soft and not dry at all. the rise - 2Didn’t have a chance to get this as it was all gone by the time I got to this. Should have taken the peach mochi first but it may be too filling actually to have it!the rise - 3The tart looks pretty doesn’t it but didn’t get it as I was too stuffed already.the rise - 4

the rise - 5Blueberry puff tasted quite normal I thought.the rise - 8Didn’t get this as it looks sugar overload!the rise - 6the rise - 7This is actually mango mousse. Not too sweet and really soft and tasted mango. 

the rise - 13Char Siew which tasted sweet and juicy. It’s a pity that it wasn’t warm; nevertheless it was able to satisfy my char siew craving.

the rise - 14Ordered the seafood dumpling noodles and the broth was fragrant actually. A very traditional, warm, yummy bowl of noodles. The yellow noodles weren’t soggy too and felt really good slurping them.

the rise - 15Laksa was a little salty I thought but still acceptable.

the rise - 12Love this section of the dessert. The small almond cakes are so soft, fluffy and fragrant. They look cute too.

the rise - 11The big bowl of french dessert. Like it.

the rise - 10And finally the star of the day I guess – the big tray of Po tart. I really have never seen this served in any buffet before and this really makes the rise stand out in my opinion. Was so excited when I see it and I think any Asian would.

I had a really enjoyable time at The Rise today. Didn’t take much photos of the mains as they are the standard dishes that you can get from any other buffet I felt. The strength of this whole buffet really lies in the dessert and I think that this buffet felt a little more HK than others as they serve unlimited char siew and egg tarts. Think the chef behind the char siew counter is from HK as he was speaking with a HK accented cantonese to his colleagues. I would really recommend this buffet if you are easily thrilled by desserts as I think it will not disappoint you. Spent a total of $80 per person after GST and service charge. Service is also very prompt as they fill your water quickly for you and clears your plate almost immediately before you go for your second or nth round.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (worth a visit)

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