Soup Restaurant

Soup Restaurant

Century Square

Soup restaurant is another Chinese chain and have heard of pretty good reviews about it. It has existed in Singapore for a few years but I never have gotten the chance to try it. Thought I should try the one at my hometown with two secondary school friends. Was really a good gathering knowing that everyone is doing really fine!

soup - 1Thought I should snap a picture of this pickled peanuts as it looks quite glossy and photogenic!

soup - 2Guess this is their signature sam sui chicken. It actually tastes very much like hainan chicken to me. Skin is very smooth and slides off the meat so easily and meat is very tender. The sauce is fragrant too!

soup - 3Prawn with egg tofu. Everything is fresh and the sauce resembles that of chilly crab. Thought it would be nicer if it’s spicier but still taste pretty good.

soup - 4Mildly spicy potato leaves which tasted mediocre. Spice wasn’t of the kind I like. Maybe I prefer if stir fried with sambal.

soup - 5Fish slice stir fried with ginger and spring onion. Tasted very normal and not fragrant actually.

Guess soup spoon is just a not bad restaurant for a normal nights out. It’s just like one of the normal chain restaurants and there isn’t much spectacular about it. The chicken though was pretty good, tender and fragrant and it’s quite cheap too. We had this spread for 3 of us and that costs us $26 per person only!

Verdict: An above average restaurant.


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