Wah Lok

Wah Lok

Carlton Hotel

Woohoo~ finally got to return to this favourite dim sum restaurant with my group of close uni friends, K and G. We have always been going out as a group of three here and in UK and have always thought that dim sum would be really suitable for us as dim sum comes in 3. And so finally we had it at the fine Wah Lok. It’s my second time here after being impressed by the first time.

wah lok2 - 1 Polo char siew is as good. Moist char siew and skin was thin. Yums.

wah lok2 - 2Egg tarts were not huge but I thought the custard was substantial. Creamy and egg-y, delicious!

wah lok2 - 3I didn’t order this the other time as it is vegetarian but I learnt that good restaurants will always make good steamed dumplings. And it is super good. Skin was so translucent and thin while the bamboo and mushroom ingredients are so fragrant. Really a must order.

wah lok2 - 5I didn’t get this the other time too. It’s baked custard bun and omg, the crust was so thin and crisp. The custard just oozes out when you bit it. The icing sugar also made it more ethereal. Super good.

wah lok2 - 6XO carrot cake wasn’t oily at all! Couldn’t even find ‘puddles’ of oil. Skin was slightly crispy too. Yummy.

wah lok2 - 7The scallop cheung fen was not bad too but it wasn’t as good as Lung King Heen. Ordered this as I wanted to see how it compares to LKH. Think there’s less scallop and the skin isn’t as good as LKH. Can’t wait to visit LKH end of this year again. woots!

wah lok2 - 8This crab meat and prawn dumpling is really good again. Skin wasn’t sticky, super translucent and thin and the prawns were crunchy.

wah lok2 - 9Yam ball was well fried too. Doesn’t feel oily, very flaky and filling is substantial with minimal flour.

wah lok2 - 10And my favourite seafood E fu noodles. Very fragrant noodles there. A huge load of it with not enough seafood again but I find it really satisfying actually! So good when it is eaten with green chilli.

Wah Lok has again satisfied my dim sum craving and my dining companions also reckon that it is a very good dim sum restaurant. I have a lot of confidence in the steamed dim sum that this restaurant serves really and would urge people to get more of the steamed stuff as they taste really fresh and yummy.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. (Must revisit!)

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