Tim Ho Wan

Tim Ho Wan

Toa Payoh

After volunteering for housekeeping at one of the elderly homes in Toa Payoh, K and I thought we should go for tim ho wan which is nearby. The legendary tim how wan was already opened a few years ago but as the line was always ridiculously long, I have never thought of trying it in Singapore. Now that the hype has gone down a little, the queue is actually much shorter and we waited 20min before we could feast and that is almost as fast as Hong Kong. Prior to this, I had tim ho wan twice in Hong Kong, one at Mong Kok and the other at Hong Kong Station. This chef was originally from the much upmarket Lung King Heen that is the world’s only Chinese restaurant with three Michelin star at the Four Seasons Hotel and he decided to open a no frills dim sum restaurant which I think is a very good move. So, I shall do some comparisons on some of the food that I’ve ordered.

tim ho wan - 2

thw - 4The top picture was taken from Hong Kong station and the bottom is the SG version. I think both have their strong points. Apparently, the filling for the HK one is more moist than SG but I find that the crust of SG is more fragrant which means fatter as more butter is used. Nevertheless, they are still good baos there!

thw - 3The prawn dumpling here is much nicer than the one in HK. HK uses darker soy sauce and isn’t fragrant but the har cheung here is surprisingly fragrant. There are little bits of spring onions in it and i think that gives it the extra flavour. Yums.

thw - 2Glutinous rice here is moist and yummy again. Thought that it may be a little salty as it looks quite dark but actually is of the right saltiness.

thw - 5Mala gou was soft, fluffy again and not super buttery.

thw - 6The har gao was not bad actually. I was a little surprised actually as I always felt that tim ho wan can only make a few good dim sum but definitely not the har gao in HK. The Skin here didn’t stick and prawns were fresh. I find it just slightly thicker than more expensive restaurants.

thw - 7Ooo… this spinach dim sum is yummy! Very fragrant spinach there as I think they were fried with garlic before being wrapped up!

thw - 8This had the expected taste of prawns and meat in it.

thw - 9mango sago was pretty normal too and I think I can make something that tastes like it haha!

thw - 10And yeah, we couldn’t get enough of the char siew bao so bought 2 more plates!

thw - 11And the kitchen has so many chefs!!!

thw - 1But this is required as they are SOOO packed.

thw - 12And this is how tim ho wan toa payoh looks like. They have definitely given the restaurants beside it a run for the money as they are very quiet and empty.

I would say that on the whole, the dining experience in tim ho wan sg is better than in tim ho wan hk. Firstly, the cutlery is cleaner and you wouldn’t find a layer of white powder on it. Secondly, service here isn’t as rushed. You are allowed to order more than once while the one in HK expects you to order everything at one go. Also the waitresses and waiters are more friendly here despite the super HUGE crowd. They still smile when I asked for one more bowl or spoon but you will never get that in HK. I guess life in HK is still much faster. A really lovely lunch and I only spent $30 per person!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant (Must revisit!)


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