Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

Tanglin Mall

Was craving for a good Thai lunch and knowing that Patara has a reasonably priced buffet, I decided to give it a try. They also serve ala carte which I am not very keen in as it is almost as expensive as Kha and I am pretty confident that it will not taste as good as Kha. The buffet costs $39++ per person and the menu is actually quite big. So even if it’s not up to expectation, I wouldn’t feel too bad. This restaurant interestingly has many branches abroad, and has 3 in London alone and heard that the ones in London are quite good.

patara - 1Stir fried cod fillet with peppers. I really like how the fish is decorated with these peppers. However, I thought it was slightly overcooked. Would have been a pretty good dish if the inside is more moist.

patara - 2The olive rice was a huge bowl and I like the taste of it. Together with the already fragrant rice are meat, lime and onion bits. Makes this bowl of rice more zesty and refreshing. Yums. It isn’t oily too!

patara - 3The Kang kong was stir fried well too as it isn’t oily but is still flavourful. The stems are crunchy too.

patara - 7We also got the pomelo and mango salad which tasted pretty normal. I had high hopes for the pomelo salad and is slightly disappointing when I compared it to nara. The fried shallots for the one at nara is much more fragrant than this.

patara - 6From top left, we have fish cakes, squid in yellow curry, curry mousse and crackers. They all tasted pretty normal but I quite like the sauce of the fish cake as they do not serve it with the simple sweet chilli. Quite a lot of condiments were used for the chilli but the fish cake had more flour than meat I felt. The yellow curry squid isn’t oily again and is quite chewy; delicious.

patara - 5This collage contains the least favourite stuff that we had. The top left tofu was not bad but the sauce was a little too starchy I felt. The green curry chicken is just too dry. The spicy soup is literally spicy soup with no other taste. The desserts, which I most look forward to, in a Thai restaurant, is really quite a letdown. Mango wasn’t sweet enough and the coconut in the red ruby wasn’t thick and fragrant enough.

patara - 4I would say that Patara serves pretty decent food for its buffet and given the price, it is definitely worth going for. However, service is quite tardy. It took 15min for the first dish to be served and when you order again, it takes about 30min. I guess they may be really short staffed in the kitchen. There were several hits and misses but I think it’s alright as long as you order the correct stuff. Food seems to be not too oily here and that is something I like. If you really want to try the buffet, then please prepare to wait.

As the service compromised the dining experience greatly, my verdict would be an above average restaurant!

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