Kha (Part 3)


38 Martin Road

Yes indeed, it’s the third time at Kha. You can view my first and second time by clicking on them. I know I have to bring my parents to this wonderful Thai place and today was the day! We visited quite a few Thai restaurants before this one and they agreed with me that this is the best so far.

kha - 1Phad Bai ka Pow. Stir fried chicken with basil. Really fragrant dish and I love the dark sauce that they use. Believed that they must have used some fish sauce. The flavour was super intense and spicy but it was just shiok! $23.

kha - 2My favourite Tom yum goong. Super fresh prawns with the exciting tom yum soup again! $16.

kha - 3Had the papaya salad with candied pork. I love having the sweet fragrant pork together with the papaya salad. To describe the pork in simple words, it tastes similar to ba kwa! Really yummy I thought. The papaya salad was really refreshing and I love the condiments and sauce that they use. $16.

kha - 4My favourite Gai Yung Esaan. Very tender and soft grill that was first marinated for 24h. Love the sauce that comes with it as it was spicy and slightly sweet at the same time. A sauce that will really whet your appetite! $15.

kha - 5Goong Golae. Grilled tiger prawns coated with red curry. Super succulent and delicious prawn again. The ginger was very appetising while the lime makes this prawn refreshing. Love the curry taste that is infused into the prawn. Yums. $29.

kha - 6Kanom Dtom. Coconut dumplings in salted coconut cream. Had this the first time at Kha and I thought it was interesting and nice. They added flowers this time to eat to make it smell really fragrant before you eat it. Think the flower cannot be eaten as it tasted funny when I tried to eat it. $10. However, I have always felt that their desserts are too expensive and thus I only ordered this. They are only worth it if you get the lunch set with it as it will then be $6.

Kha has again impressed me. Very exciting Thai food for the palates I thought! Price is reasonable given the quality and it costed me $142 for 3 of us.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.


5 thoughts on “Kha (Part 3)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi, do you know what has happened to Kha in Martin Road? Have they closed for good, or did they move? Went there yesterday and was VERY disappointed to see it’s no longer there 😦

    • Eric says:

      Yeah. Cos the group kha was under have decided to close a few restaurants for personal reasons. Bomba, Kha are no longer there and I dont really know if Kha has relocated. My hunch is that it is closed for good which I think is pretty impossible given the chef’s credentials

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