Hyang To Gol Korean restaurant

Hyang to gol Korean restaurant

Amara hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT

htg - 5

Was not craving too much for Korean but then maybe thought I should have a change of taste. Hyang To Gol restaurant does mainly hotpot and bbq meat. Of course, they also have other stir fried dishes but there are less options for that.

htg - 1

htg - 2A Korean meal is definitely not complete without its panchan. Over here you get quite many different kinds of panchan unlike in London, when they only serve the usual marinated seaweed or small fish. There are two pan chan that I felt more interesting over here. The Sweet potato glazed with honey was sweet, potato was soft and it’s funny as it tasted more like a dessert to me. The other one is the kimchi in the first picture. The taste is different from the usual expected spicy and sour taste. This had a bit of fragrance in it and is more palatable to me.

htg - 3We ordered the Ginseng chicken porridge and it’s really quite delicious. Broth was thick enough, flavourful and tasted quite herbal cos of the ginseng. Think it’s a little thick as the rice is cooked with it. The chicken is tender and meat wasn’t dry except for the breast portion which is quite expected. $22.

htg - 4We had the kimchi hot pot which has mushrooms, dumplings, kimchi in it. Wasn’t very exciting to me and tasted pretty normal. Thought they could have done better by adding some springy Korean vermicelli. Maybe should have gotten the fish stew instead! $39.

The restaurant is quite value for money and we only spent about $40 per person and was really full at the end of the meal. Couldn’t finish the hotpot and even the panchan. However, I thought better Korean restaurants could be found in the area of Tanjong Pagar which seems to be like a ‘little korea’ as more and more Korean restaurants are emerging in that area.

Verdict: An above average restaurant.


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