Flutes Restaurant

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Flutes Restaurant

National Museum of Singapore near Dhoby Ghaut MRT

Located in the victorian national museum, Flutes serves pretty good European dishes at really reasonable prices. As it was a Sunday, they only have both the brunch menu and Sunday Roast for lunch. A 2 course meal would cost $33++ while a three course will cost $38++, just like the executive lunch on a weekday. Really reasonable price for the quality of the food.

flutes - 1The interior. It felt pretty English I thought as it is a victorian house.

flutes - 3Started with the super delicious pumpkin salad with walnut and figs salad. Pumpkin was soft but with a certain consistency. It doesn’t require much chewing and it is really fragrant. Really don’t know how they make the pumpkin fragrant, really whets the appetite.

flutes - 4The dining companion, Y, got a salmon with poached egg. Egg was well poached and really running on the inside and goes well with the slightly oily smoked salmon. But you wouldn’t feel guilty eating this as you know it’s good oil.

flutes - 5My mains was this luscious bowl of capellini with jumbo prawns. Capellini is al dente while the prawns were really delicious. Very succulent and fresh indeed and they are very generous with it as they put five huge prawns in it. I am not a pasta person to start with but I love this pasta. Sauce was fragrant and doesn’t just simply have a tomato puree taste. Yummy!

flutes - 6The dining companion got eggs benedict for mains. Three eggs in a day, quite scary indeed but the eggs were all well poached. Very running yolk again and the whole ‘open sandwich’ tasted pretty good with the ham and spinach. The muffin base was just a little too airy for me.

flutes - 2The dessert though was really normal to me. Took a long time to come actually. Waffle was not dense enough while the queen’s chocolate pie was not bad but pretty normal.

Am glad to have decided to try this restaurant as the food quality here is pretty good and is wallet friendly. Service here is quite prompt and friendly but they could do a bit more by explaining the dishes to their customers I feel. Also like the interior decor of the restaurant as it gives you a relaxing feel on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

After our lunch, we went to watch Captain Phillips and I think it’s the best movie I’ve ever seen so far this year. Whole movie was so gripping and intense and the ending was really heavy. Could hear people around me crying badly. Don’t wanna be a spoiler, so please catch that movie if you have the chance to!


2 thoughts on “Flutes Restaurant

  1. Spring Tomorrow says:

    I was going to ^5 you when I read this in my feed. Was just planning for a good dine-out and was torn between Flutes and Alkaff Mansion but it seems like I should visit Flutes for a change, lol. Thanks for sharing!

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