Ramen Champion

Ramen Chamion

Great World CityRamen champion - 1Would like to first thank Komars Group for the lovely media invite to Ramen Champion which has recently just opened a new branch at Great World City. It’s two other branches are at Changi airport T3 and Bugis+. As I’ve had a pretty good experience at Bugis+, I was quite looking forward to try the ones at Great World City. The hosts, Malcolm and Joanne, are really hospitable and am thankful that they took the effort to explain every dish to us.

ramen champion - 5There are a total of four different ramen stalls, namely Bishamon Zero, Tonkotsu Itto, Miyamoto and Butaou, as shown and we were lucky enough to get to try ramen from all four stalls. ramen champion - 6Lets start with the appetisers first. From top left clockwise: Okonomiyaki Gyoza ($5.80), Tori Karaage ($4.80), Mentaiko gyoza ($5.80), Spicy chicken ($5 for 3). The first three are from Bishamon Zero while the last is from Butaou. Okonomiyaki Gyoza was really interesting I thought as okonomiyaki would usually make me think of fried egg pancake or noodles. This gyoza was well made as they are each stuffed with lots of meat and skin isn’t too thick. This makes the gyoza juicy and more flavourful. It’s also my first time seeing bonito flakes dancing on gyoza. This is by the way, my most favourite side dish out of the four. The tori karaage was pretty well fried as it doesn’t feel too oily while the mentaiko gyoza was a little too salty for me. Think it was due to the mentaiko used as fish roe are usually salty. The spicy was flavoursome and the chilli was really quite spicy. The only pity is that these wings are a tad too oily.

Ramen champion - 1The first ramen served is Sapporo Miso special Ramen from Bishamon Zero. The noodles were cooked well and not too soft or soggy while the char siew is pretty tender. The soup base tasted alright to me but as I am not a great fan of miso base I wouldn’t comment on it. The poached egg looks pretty good as yolk is still runny but the sides are already beginning to harden. It doesn’t seemed to have been marinated well as it tasted slightly bland. 3.25/5. $14.80.

ramen champion - 2Special Tonkotsu ramen from tonkotsu Itto. Putting the ugly egg aside, this is actually my favourite out of the four. Love the texture of the noodles and I think it actually looks springy from this photo. Char siew is tender again and char siew is served round over here. It’s interesting to see different shapes of char siew served in the four different bowls and reading from somewhere, I realised that round char siew is usually more tender as it loses less water while the rectangular ones would be a little drier. Soup here is also the richest and I love it even though it must be the fattiest as tonkotsu is basically made from boiling the fats, skin, bones and meat of the pork for many hours till everything melts. The soup is just really soothing. 3.75/5. $16.50.

ramen champion - 3Pork and vegetable ramen from miyamoto. This ramen was a little interesting to me. The soup base wasn’t the usual ones that I have and to put it in simple terms, it tasted like lor mee. The noodles used here are also flat noodles and I find them a little overcooked and soggy. I think I prefer round noodles to this type. Two kinds of pork were served but they were slightly dry. Egg used here is hard boil egg. 2.75/5. $16.

ramen champion - 4The special sukiyaki ramen from Butaou. This ramen is a little controversial I thought. While my dining companion find the noodles too salty, I thought I pretty much like the taste but wouldn’t be able to finish the whole bowl as it indeed will taste too salty towards the end. It’s just like when you have your crisps, it will taste really good and addictive initially but slowly you will find that it’s salt overdose. Char siew here was slightly dry but still alright for me. The egg served here was the runniest but it’s basically an ang mor poached egg which doesn’t have much flavour in it. This ramen was quite a surprise to me too as it’s my first time tasting such a flavour. 3.5/5. $16.

Ramen Champion at Great World City serves pretty decent ramen as reasonable prices. As the stalls may be very new and perhaps they were quite in a rush that night, there were quite a few dips in the dishes served. The seemingly insignificant but actually an integral ingredient that was overlooked would be the eggs. Hope to be able to experience better eggs in future. The char siew could also be served a little thinner as it will then soak up the essence of the soup better and will be more tender. If you are in the vicinity of great world city and crave for a decent bowl of ramen, then ramen champion would be quite a good choice.

Once again, thank you Komars Group for the lovely invite!


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