Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant @ UOB

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

UOB Plaza

si chuan dou hua - 6Si Chuan Dou Hua restaurant has three different brunches and I chose the one at UOB plaza to while my Saturday afternoon away. Housed on the 60th storey, you would have a good view of marina bay and we were lucky to get located near to the window that has MBS in front of it. I really love dining at such high restaurants as I find it relaxing when everything below you becomes so small and moves slowly.

si chuan dou hua - 1Lunch was really peaceful and there was also a business lunch for a big group of Japanese going on at the same time. It was pretty interesting to dine with the Japanese as they are always so polite.

si chuan dou hua - 2From top left clockwise, we have the fu pi juan, har gao, chives and prawn dumpling, meat dumpling. The skin of the fu pi juan wasn’t good as it’s a little tough. It takes some effort to bite the skin and is slightly oily. The har gao is pretty normal and the prawn fillings are just near succulent. There are definitely better har gao like in wah lok. The prawn and chives dumplings too are above average as the prawns are again just near succulent. Maybe cos they minced their prawns which results in the prawns losing its springy texture. The meat dumpling is quite delicious with the chilli sauce but it’s an expected taste.

si chuan dou hua - 3Clockwise from top left: jiao zi, glutinous rice with pork floss, dan dan noodles. The jiao zi was really interesting as it has this web-like platform beneath it. My first time seeing gyoza like that. Pretty good gyoza. The glutinous rice with pork floss filling was intriguing I thought when I ordered it but the taste was quite weird. The outside tastes slightly sweet while the inside is savoury in a weird way. The dan dan noodles were quite good too and it’s slightly different from the ones served at crystal jade. There isn’t a strong sesame base but still pretty fragrant. The noodles were of a good texture too which makes you want to slurp them up.

si chuan dou hua - 4Clockwise from top left: Sweet potato pancake, pumpkin pancake, pan fried vege bun, wolfberry dou hua. I like the sweet potato and pumpkin pancakes. They actually tasted very similar to each other with a not too sweet filling in the middle. The skin is made of glutinous rice and is really chewy. Actually reminded me of Pincess Mayfair Garden in London as they also serve the same kinda dessert. I wanted to try the pan fried bun again after having a good one at Imperial Treasure Shanghai Cuisine yesterday. Unfortunately, they only have vege bun which tastes pretty good too. The bun is soft and springy with a slight crisp on the top. The dou hua is their signature dessert I guess, judging from the name of the restaurant. Very silky and smooth and really soft.

si chuan dou hua - 5Thought this picture is quite nice. It is the glutinous rice ball with rice wine and osmanthus flower. I thought this dessert was quite underwhelming actually. Bland soup and the rice balls were not uniformly springy. You can have a much better bowl at cyrstal jade actually. I always have this when I go to crystal jade in the past.

On the whole, Si Chuan Dou Hua is just an above average restaurant really, at least for its dim sum. The taste of the dim sum is really expected with a few misses and you can find better ones elsewhere. However, given its good location and price, I still find it a place worth going as I think there may be no other dim sum restaurant that gives you a bird’s eye view of marina bay. All the dim sum is priced at $5 each and below and I only spent about $45 per person. It was 12 diim sum for two of us and I cleared most of it, think I have quite a big appetite. The service is very good too actually. And yeah it’s interesting to see your tea masters serving your tea through a really long spout.

Verdict: An above average restaurant but worth visiting for the view and price.


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