K ki

K ki

7 Ann Siang Hill

IMG_5950K Ki is a Japanese cafe that serves Japanese cakes. The name K ki is actually the way you pronounce cakes in Japanese. It is a pretty cute cafe which has half of it selling interesting, touristy stuff and the other half doing cakes, tea and coffee. You get a mix of customers , tourists and locals, in this cafe.IMG_5940This is the bit of the cafe that sells touristy souvenirs. Quite interesting initially but looks like a mama shop to me after a while. haha.

IMG_5939The selection of cakes that you get. I think all of them look very appealing actually. All the cakes seem to have the same texture and were all made from mascarpone I think.


This is a light strawberry cake. The inside is quite ethereal and light and only has a slight sweetness. Goes really well with our vanilla sencha tea. Doesn’t make you feel guilty and I think the mild fragrance is also therapeutic.


This is white chocolate. Very smooth white chocolate cake which is heavier in taste. Again, the inside is very smooth and soft and it has some mango ‘custard’ in the middle which makes the whole cake feels very fresh. It may be a little boring to just have white chocolate I guess, that’s why they added a bit of mango surprise inside. Yummy.


The strawberry champagne cake. A very light alcoholic taste on the outside only while the inside has hazelnut and strawberry ‘jam’ which is slightly sweet only. A good finish to the three desserts.

Overall, I feel that K ki aims to make cakes that are lighter in tasting as it moves itself away from the usual buttery, dense cakes. They are also very soft, light and definitely aesthetically pleasant to the eyes which is what Japanese food is well known of. The cakes do not come cheap, as these small petite cakes cost about $9 each while tea costs $5.50 as compared to Flor. But then again, it’s really hard to get such pretty and delicious Japanese cakes in Singapore and so it’s worth a trip here.

Verdict: A good cafe.


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