Au Chocolat

Au Chocolat

Marina Bay Sands

IMG_5951I just had a very sinful but satisfying and fantastic dinner at Au Chocolat. Though the name of the restaurant is French, I find it much more American than French actually. Firstly, the entrees are super big in portion. Secondly, they love to stuff unhealthy stuff like bacon, meat eggs, whatever proteinaceous and greasy thing that you can think of, into a innocent looking sandwich. But I have to admit that I love the serving and the taste here but it will be a place that I will visit once in a while.

My dining companion and I had four things in total for sharing, three entrees and 1 dessert. I was starving then already and gobbled up all my food. By the time I finished all my deserved portions for the entrees, my dining companion is still stuck on the first.

IMG_5957The interior.

IMG_5956The duck confit was very interesting. It has poached pear on the mash and that makes the dish slightly fruity. Also the sauce contains dark chocolate and orange. A very refreshing taste to me actually as I have never tasted such confit. Do not worry as the chocolate taste isn’t overpowering and will not remove the fragrance from the savoury duck. Instead, the sauce actually complements the duck and the orange makes it feel deceivingly less oily. The skin is fried really well, the skin and outer layer of the flesh is very crispy while the inner flesh is still pinkish, smooth and moist. Good duck confit! $27.


IMG_5955The uber unhealthy mega club sandwich. I think now you will know why I say it’s more American here. Fried egg, bacon, fried chicken, portobello, loads of stuffings in the two layers. Unhealthy but very delicious actually. Will definitely satisfy a hungry man. You can imagine the fragrance from all the meat and the chewy portobello coming together. about $20.

IMG_5951Yes you get all day breakfast here as well. We shared the au chocolat egg benedict! Very interesting egg benedict here as they do not use the conventional Hollandaise sauce, rather this sauce has dark chocolate in it. As it doesn’t use Hollandaise sauce which is full of the fragrant and fattening butter, I find this sauce slightly bland and perhaps this is why they add in a few strips of bacon. Pretty much balances off and I find this a really interesting and acceptable taste. If you remove the bacon, I guess this would be the healthiest egg benedict. $18.

IMG_5960Got the chocolate tower cake for dessert which is the recommended one. OMG, huge cake and huge ball of vanilla ice cream. The chocolate cake is delish but beware you will start to feel queasy towards the end as it is super rich in chocolate. The chocolate cream in between the layers of sponge are super thick and yummy. We couldn’t finish it. $17.

Au Chocolat is quite daring in its cooking style as it tries to incorporate dark chocolate in most of its dishes and that didn’t spoil the taste. In fact it is acceptable and interesting. Service is a little slow here but I think the food is definitely worth the price. For so much that we had, it only costs $52 per person. A really recommended bistro for a super hungry man but of course, for the general public as well.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

PS: It also has a sweets section beside it and they seem to sell really cute and beautiful cakes and chocolates. As I went from starving to stuffed, I couldn’t down any more fattening cakes.

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