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IMG_5973Forest is a fine dining Chinese restaurant helmed by celebrity chef Sam Leong. Decided to try out this restaurant with the family at the pretty Equarius hotel. I am quite impressed already the moment we get off the car as there’s a buggy service even at the carpark to send us to the hotel lobby. Guess the carpark is huge and is connected to a few other restaurants. Quite a short but cool ride.


IMG_5963The interior of the forest restaurant. I like the large screen that shows a running waterfall as it tries to mimic nature as much as possible. Somehow it did make me feel more relaxed on a Saturday afternoon as I return to ‘nature’ after 5 days of work.

IMG_5964The pre starter. This pre starter whets your appetite greatly. It is cherry tomato with sour plum. It actually tasted a little sweet to me while the cherry tomatoes are just slightly sour and the mint leaf is refreshing. The orange crushed ice helps to clean the palate I felt and it got me ready for my meal.


IMG_5968We got the winter four course set lunch that costs $56 and the first course is lobster vietnamese roll. Very fresh vegetables and the lobster meat is succulent too. I love the sauce too and I think there’s a bit of sesame in it that makes it more fragrant. Really vibrant dish. Yums.

IMG_5973The second course is abalone with vermicelli. Really love how the abalone is presented as it looks really pretty. There’s vermicelli below the huge springy abalone. I love abalone and this was delicious. Very fresh and they use soy beans to flavour it. Very fragrant dish. Yums!

IMG_5976The third course is basically a carbo course to fill you up. Very good wok hei taste in the noodles and noodles are well done. The noodles are also just slightly starchy. The sliced fish is really fresh and not overcooked as it’s not dry at all. Very good mains though its presentation is lacklustre.

IMG_5977The fourth course is the dessert. Avocado cream with soya pudding and raspberry. Very yummy pudding here. The pudding isn’t the usual dou hua that we have at Mr Bean as this one has more consistency. It has a texture same as that of mango pudding. Avocado cream is really creamy and satisfying as it goes really well with the pudding.

So besides the winter set lunch, we also got some mains and dessert for sharing.

IMG_5970New Zealand cod fish. I love cod fish and when I see this on the menu I ordered it without hesitating. The fried garlic bits make this dish really delicious and the soy sauce drizzled over the luscious cod fish makes it a simple but perfect dish. Fish is really smooth and moist. Yums. $28.


IMG_5975We also got the pao fan. That is crispy pearl rice in seafood porridge. There’s scallops, prawns, tofu and large pieces of fresh fish in the broth. I ordered this as I was so impressed by the lobster bisque pao fan I had at Hong Kong Lei Garden. This one is quite different as the taste of the broth is clearer than that of Lei Garden. It’s just a different broth but still really rich in the seafood taste and very delicious. It would be nice to have this during winter I feel. The fried crispy pearl rice is crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside which adds another texture to this dish. Yummy! I also love this pao fan. $22.

IMG_5978The other dessert we got was the lemon grass with pomelo, jelly and mango sorbet. This dessert is very refreshing too and is a good finish to the meal. I just find the pomelo slightly bitter. The mango sorbet is very smooth and rich in mango taste. No short cuts here. Yums! $13.

Forest is definitely a good restaurant. While it may not be cheap, its set lunch is definitely worth trying as it doesn’t hurt your wallet while you still get really good courses. Worth the money I felt. It was quite empty for an afternoon lunch and there are only four other tables occupied. If you are a RWS invites member, you will get great discounts off this restaurant during this promotion period as well as some other restaurants!

Verdict: A good restaurant.

5 thoughts on “Forest

  1. Nueyer says:

    We’ve been to Forest twice and ordered the set dinners. Though each course looked deceivingly small, we were really full by the end of the dinner. Really good food, me thinks

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