Tae Woo Ban Jum

Tae Woo Ban Jum

Central Mall


It’s interesting to know that Korea also has their own form of zha jiang main, called zha jyeong myeon in Korean I think. Tae woo is famous for this and the korean food they serve mostly has some Chinese cooking influences in them.

Y and I ordered the set lunch which has five courses. Priced at $23 per person, I find it really a steal. The other two got the seafood and normal zha jyeong myeon. Let’s start with the set lunch first.

IMG_5980The starter was jellyfish with chilli, century egg and pork. The jellyfish is slightly sour which would whet your appetite, but Y didn’t feel like eating more after a strand as he felt that those served at weddings are better. That’s true but this is still edible I felt. Quite a normal starter.

IMG_5982The second course is a plain white dish. The white foam looking thing is egg white and there’s Jin zhen gu and some fungus in it. I quite like this dish as it feels really healthy yet tasty. I like the Jin zhen go and fungus used as it gives the dish a springy texture. Good dish though it looks simple.


IMG_5984The next two courses are gu Rou Yok or sweet and sour pork, and stir fried prawns in peppers and onions. The prawns had a little too much batter while the sweet n sour pork tasted very normal. I felt that it’s a course just to fill your stomach.

IMG_5987The final is a choice of zha jyeong myeon or spicy seafood noodles and we got the signature dish – zha jyeong myeon. It was quite oily actually as you can see the stir fried onions swimming in oil. It tasted quite good initially as the noodles were really springy as has a texture like that of the Korean springy thick vermicelli. However you will feel queasy after a while as its too greasy.

IMG_5981We also ordered boiled dumplings for sharing. It’s my first time having dumpling soup that is tasteless. No wonder they are called led dumplings. The dumplings thought are petite and tasty as the filling is well marinated. Quite a good dish.

Tae Woo is apparently very popular among Koreans as we are the only non Koreans in the restaurant. It may just be very authentic but not my type of food as its either too oily or simple. Not much fragrance in the cooking. But I have to say that the food feels quite home cook and I believe it’s the things you will get when a Omuni serves you.

Verdict: An above average restaurant.

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