Mai Thai Restaurant

Mai Thai Restaurant

Chip Bee Gardens near Holland Village MRTIMG_5994

Was at Mai Thai for a lab lunch today. It was a random choice initially and turned out to be pretty good and very worth the money paid. Bookings are not required for lunch definitely as we got the whole restaurant to ourselves.

IMG_5990We got some starters for sharing – the prawn cake. This first starter was a bit of a let down I thought. Though the skin is crispy and fluffy, the prawn filling tasted mediocre. It doesn’t have the springy texture I thought it should have. $12.

IMG_5991The basil tofu was also a sharing plate and it was really fragrant and delicious. The tofu is well fried to golden brown on the outside and the inside is still really soft and moist. Yums. 10 ish.

Then all of us got a set lunch each. For the set lunch, you get a starter, main, dessert and drink. For starters, they have tom yum soup, mango or papaya salad. For mains, you get olive fried rice, panaeng chicken with rice, pad thai or green curry chick with rice. For dessert it’s dessert of the day and we got tapioca. The lunch set is a 1-for-1 set and priced at $28++. Really worth it isn’t it!

IMG_5992My starter is the mango salad. Slightly spicy and sour, this dish felt refreshing. Maybe the taste could have been slightly more intense to make it more awakening.

IMG_5995For mains, I got the panaeng chicken. I think it’s just stir fried chicken with curry paste. A generous amount of meat given here and the curry is fragrant and filling actually as coconut is used here.

IMG_5994The other mains, pad thai. Thought it looks pretty well decorated. The pad thai has the exact same taste as London’s Thai restaurant. It’s meant for ang mor and not thai. Heard that the Thai pad thai isn’t sweet at all while this has ketchup in it. This version appeals to ang mor more and as it’s an expat area, I guess it’s common to get this kinda taste which I actually like.

Located along a stretch of more upmarket street, Mai Thai is really a restaurant worth mentioning, at least for lunch as the price is so reasonable and you still get pretty good dishes with nice plates. Service is not bad too though a little funny at times. A really recommended restaurant if you are around the area.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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