Penny University

Penny University

402 East Coast Road


This is the first time I’ve been to a cafe in the East. Yeah, not being a fan of cafe and having to wait for really long hours for seemingly simple and common food, I was persuaded to go for this. My eyes lit up when I was greeted with this range of sweets and thought that it may be quite a good cafe afterall.

IMG_6016The lemon cake with strawberry. Sour and makes you literally salivate. I like this pie as it is of the right sourness and you can also taste the strawberry in it. It actually whets my appetite a little.

IMG_6018The apple crumble is pretty yummy too! Apple slices are layered in between the crumble and felt really substantial and not too sweet and filling. The crumble is quite dense too.

IMG_6019Yeah, and who would miss out the benedict’s eggs (I could but not my dining companions). Hollandaise sauce is a little sour here and not as fragrant as it should be. Perhaps, they’ve got the proportions of the ingredients wrong. The poached eggs with toast were pretty alright and yolk was runny.

IMG_6021The Moroccan dish with churiso sausage and baked egg. Yolk is running over here as well and churiso tasted just like churiso. I had two pieces of the sausage and the egg before I stopped altogether. This dish was too spicy for me and I really didn’t like the taste of it. I should really not have cancelled my initial order of turkish eggs which I think I would at least be able to finish.

I guess Penny University is just good for its cakes and puddings. Really, the mains are not remarkable but then again, it still attracts a big crowd. I guess people just love cafes in general. We spent a total of about $40 which is quite cheap and service is quite good and friendly. I would only recommend going to this place for its sweets.

Verdict: A good cafe only for the sweets.

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