Da Mario Pizzeria

Da Mario Pizzeria

60 Robertson Quay

As R is back from Australia for her summer break, the four of us decided to have a dinner gathering. A suggested Da Mario as it’s the best Italian restaurant according to his Italian boss. Indeed, the food did satisfy to a certain extent and felt authentic but service is just lacklustre, or maybe simply bad.

IMG_6037We got the truffle pasta with minced. Pasta is really delicious actually. Rich, creamy sauce that makes you want more and I’m glad that there’s enough sauce to coat each pasta. The pasta was also cooked just right, not soggy. It’s one of the better pasta that I’ve had.

IMG_6038We got sangria to go with our meals. I love sangria and could finish one jar on my own when I was in Spain. Though it is slightly alcoholic, it is so fruity that you will not mind drinking everything. But the one sold at Da Mario is just wrong. They got the proportions wrong, not enough fruity flavour and alcohol is way too strong. For $38, it’s super not worth it. I only had two sip and changed to iced water. That’s how bad it is.

IMG_6039Parmeham pizza that is delicious. Quite generous parmaham slices on the pizza and I like the spinach embedded in it as it makes the bread slightly moist and healthier. The crust is really thin and cheese in it is fragrant, unlike the one at Palio which was really bland. Servings are pretty generous over here too. But then again, Italians are known for their big servings — such as having pasta as an appetiser.

IMG_6041We got the chilli crab pizza, thinking that it may be a Singaporean fusion pizza but we were wrong as the chilli literally meant chilli flakes. This pizza wasn’t our favourite as the olive taste is way too strong. Even though I don’t mind the pungent taste of olive, I actually found this overpowering. Remove 1/3 of the olives and this pizza will work fine. Thin crust and fragrant cheese again. I would have said that this is yummy if not for the hair we found in one of the slices’ crust by my friend. The waitress whom I think is the manager only offered us a free tiramisu. It’s not that they didn’t offer enough to us, but just that should this pizza not be taken off the bill in the first place? That is the most basic thing that the restaurant could do when there’s something wrong with the dish. I’ve experienced that before at East 8 tapas bar and the chef not only removed the mussels from the bill but also cooked a fresh plate of mussels for me. This is what I call service! You know we don’t pay service charge for nothing.

IMG_6044The four cheese pizza. It’s really cheesy but quite delicious I felt when it is hot. The cheese is chewy, smooth and fragrant. But when it turns cold, it could taste a bit unpalatable actually.

IMG_6045The tiramisu that was on the house. Delicious mascarpone used that is of the right sweetness. There are also chocolate bits in the tiramisu which I like.

So, Da Mario is really one of the more authentic Italian restaurants that I’ve been to. Not a big fan of Italian food, I would actually consider revisiting this restaurant with my overseas friends if not for the lousy service. As there are a lot of other Italian restaurants in that area, I believe there would be one that is as delicious and has much better service! It’s really not that difficult to beat the standard of service in Da Mario anyway. We spent $40 each as the bill came up to $155.

Verdict: An authentic Italian restaurant with lousy service.


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