Pu Tien (Vivocity)

Pu Tien


Yeah! And so finally, the foodie from London has arrived in Sg for a two year stint in BAML. V is my uni friend in London and has a penchant for eating good food, just like me! So after settling down in the hotel, we went to vivocity for dinner at Pu Tien which offers Heng Hwa cuisine which I find is slightly similar to cantonese cuisine. We basically ordered too much stuff as we were really famished but it proved to be too much!

IMG_6058We got the tang cu pi dan. V is very discerning when she had this. It’s her first time and my second time having this and she knows it’s tang cu. Very discerning palates. Think this dish is slightly fried on the outside before cooking with tang cu. slightly sweet yet very savoury, I love how this is cooked. I also love the texture of pi tan which is slightly springy.

IMG_6060Home made tofu. Very soft tofu there, though I had even softer ones in London HKK (think that was the softest tofu I’ve had). I like how they wobble when you shift the plates a little. Tofu is smooth and the sauce used is fragrant. Quite an expected taste though.

IMG_6061Claypot chicken which tastes slightly sweet. Chicken meat is very tender and smooth but I didn’t enjoy the sauce that it is cooked it. Not very fragrant actually. It was still not bad though. Tasted slightly like those char siew sauce that you can get from the mama shop.

IMG_6062Sesame fried bun with shredded meat stir fried with onions. Very delicious but sinful bun. The bun is fragrant with the spread of sesame seeds. You can even eat it on its own as it’s fried with a fragrance. Together with the pork in it, the whole bun is really delicious and fragrant. Even V finds this very special and delicious. However, a word of caution – the stir fried meat is quite oily actually. There’s a small pool of oil underneath it.

IMG_6063The signature putien lor mee. Though it looks bland, I have to say it has one of the most intense seafood soup base. Very fresh soup there with loads of ingredients like prawns, clam, meat. I believe everything was made from scratch to a pretty large extent as they took really quite long to bring this dish out. However, I think a little MSG is used here as I felt a little thirsty after that. But this noodles is jeng. We got the middle size noodles for $15 and it was really huge. So don’t get large even if you think you are super hungry.

Pu Tien serves really good food at very reasonable prices. For so much and a bowl of rice, we only paid $70 for two people. Even though there were two big eaters, we couldn’t finish the noodles. I was very pleased with all the dishes and our favourite two are the bao and noodles. I also like the century egg a lot as you can’t find that anywhere else. An elderly couple beside us had shen jian bao which looks delicious as well and was recommended by the waitress. I guess get the shen jian bao instead of the red claypot chicken. A really good meal for a really good price!

Verdict: A very good restaurant.





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