Tasty Congee and Noodle Wantun Shop 正斗粥麵專家

Tasty Congee and Noodle Wantun Shop

At IFC, just above in-town check in area

This is my third time to zhen dou actually but it’s my first time blogging about it. Have always liked this restaurant recommended by V and it isn’t expensive too. Like what the name suggests, this restaurant is a specialist in its congee and wantun noodle!

IMG_6128The noodle was expectedly Q and springy while the wanton is solidly filled with crunchy prawns. A pretty good wanton min over here! It’s actually MUCH better than Ho Hung Kee which actually has a Michelin star. Soup is more fragrant and flavourful over here.

IMG_6129The oyster kai lan which was very soft. I think it was boiled for too long. I prefer my kai lan crunchy.

IMG_6130Xing zhou cao mai or Singapore noodles. Yes, this isn’t a national dish of Singapore but I have never failed to order this every time I’m here. Noodles were fragrant and serving was really generous! The special ingredient in this dish is actually the curry powder used to toss together with the noodles. Yummy.

IMG_6132Fish brisket congee. Congee was smooth, warm and soothing while fish brisket was really smooth as it’s brisket.

IMG_6133This steamed fish brisket with ginger and spring onions is also my favourite as meat is very tender and almost melts quickly in your mouth. I think the texture is a little like salmon belly, slightly fatty and very smooth. I guess we should eat this in moderation, but it should be better than those meaty fats.


Yeah so if you are wondering where should you go for a meal after checking in your baggage at HK station, then head for this restaurant. It isn’t expensive and we spent HKD $440 in total for three people. Really worth it and delicious! Yums.


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