Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon

Le Salon De Thé de Joël Robuchon

IFC Mall level 2

This is the third Robuchon that I have been to, with my previous two times in London and Singapore. This one is however, a place for high tea and has recently just opened in IFC. Its first branch is in Landmark near Central station but I guessed it was just too popular that they had to open one more. As I ‘happened’ to be in IFC, I decided to visit this place for a yummy afternoon tea.

They have the afternoon tea set for two but we didn’t get that as I was not in the mood for scones and sandwiches, furthermore the desserts looked really petite. So we decided to get its sliced cakes which are marvellous. The cakes actually all have the same if not similar price – HKD $44 each. The things that are expensive are the drinks which are about HKD $60 each. I got the grapefruit juice which was really fresh and refreshing.

IMG_6117White chocolate passion fruit cake. When you eat this, you first taste the thick decadent white chocolate followed by the sour and zesty passion fruit. Super yummy cake I feel. Doesn’t make you queasy and is actually pretty refreshing. I decided to have this first as the others are heavier in taste.

IMG_6118salted caramel tart. Caramel is hidden in the tart and the top bit is chocolate. Very sinful tart I felt but it was quite small, so that’s fine. Sweet fillings while the tart felt dense. Yums!

IMG_6121I guess this is one of my favourites actually. Apple macaron it is called. Macaron was slightly chewy and not overtly sweet at all while the glazed chunks are actually apple chucks. This macaron is really special I felt, it doesn’t feel like an overdose of sugar as the filling used was apple itself. Very good combination of texture here and we almost wanted to order one more.

IMG_6122Hazelnut cake. To make this super delicious, the chocolate layer has to be fragrant, rich yet not queasy and this cake nailed it. Hazelnuts can be found in the middle layer which added crunchiness to the cake. Very good cake here.

IMG_6125Not getting enough of the white choc passion fruit cake, we ordered the other white choc option which has raspberry in it. Raspberry wasn’t as sour but this cake is really palatable as it didn’t feel too sweet too and you really could taste raspberry in it.

IMG_6120The JR coffee art.


I guess the success of Joel de Robuchon cakes is that the cakes really tasted like what the name suggests. Ingredients used were definitely of tip top quality and these are one of the best cakes I’ve ever had. I have always been trying to find this kinda cakes in Singapore but have yet to find one. Tried visiting the more high end afternoon tea places but always get disappointed each time. Hopefully, we would one day have Robuchon open a high tea restaurant in Singapore!

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