Star Cafe

Star cafe


This is the most local shop I have ever been to really! Recommended by my friend, I decided to give it a try since I have some time before dinner after getting up to the peak. This place serves the very famous tomato sauce based noodles! I know that looking for this Star cafe is really difficult and it really quite is if you do not have sharp eyes.

So let me first do a brief description on how to get there. Get out from Tsim Tsha Tsui mtr station exit B2 and walk to Champagne Court building. If you don’t really know where is this building, try google mapping this address 尖沙咀金巴利道16-20號香檳大廈地庫36號舖. Then walk into the building and just look for a dodgy stairs and keep a look out for the cafe name paste on it as shown below, 星座冰室 located at B1.

IMG_6185When you see this, you definitely will be slightly hesitant as it looks really dodgy. Don’t be afraid, just walk down the stairs and you will see this super dodgy ‘street’ which only has the star cafe.

IMG_6184So Hong Kong isn’t it! We were the most tourist like people around.

IMG_6179So we got the fried egg noodle which was pretty good. The tomato base is quite thin for this bowl and is quite flavourful. It doesn’t taste like ketchup and you can taste the tomato bits in it. I saw baskets of tomatoes too actually. HKD $28.

IMG_6181Also got the chicken noodles which has a thicker tomato puree. You wouldn’t feel that you are eating loads of sodium in as it really doesn’t taste like ketchup. The chicken was also tender and moist. HKD $31.

I guess this place serves the type of comfort food that most HK people will like. It’s really simple, yet heart warming and pretty delicious. Service there is also quite good actually. You would think that HK restaurants are always super rushed and would get your order immediately but this didn’t as I think it wasn’t packed anyway. They even talked to us a little and tone was friendly too. Glad that I found this restaurant. Also, it felt like I was in a TVB serial.

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