Sumire Yakitori House

Sumire Yakitori House

Bugis Junction

Pronounced as ‘su-mi-re’ in the Japanese way, Sumire restaurant specialises in Yakitori or anything grilled. I was interested in this restaurant as it was first set up in Tokyo and currently has 15 branches there while Singapore is their first overseas’ outlet. I guess such a history makes this yakitori bar feels more authentic and alluring for Japanese skewer lovers!

IMG_6324Got the meat balls with cheese for ladies (foreground) and the original meatball for guys (background). Yes, they do serve yakitori for ladies and guys, the only difference being the sizes of the meatballs. While men would get two in a stick, the lady or more demure version would have three smaller ones in a stick. The meat in it is soft and moist as it is not overgrilled while the outer layer has a char grilled fragrance. The slightly melted cheese also worked for me as it went well with the teriyaki sauce.

IMG_6323This grill is quite interesting and memorable actually as breast meat is used here. Condiments used are mint leaves. This is my first time having breast meat yakitori as I think most yaki stalls wouldn’t want to use the drier parts of a chicken as they would taste especially tough and dry after grilling. The breast meat wasn’t as moist as a drumstick or thigh definitely but still relatively moist compared to most breast meat as it is well marinated with quite a lot of sauce. I like the mint leaves added to it as it makes this healthy skewer refreshing.

IMG_6326The fried chicken skin which I didn’t have as I was having a slight sore throat. V had it and said it was crispy but slightly salty and oily. Maybe it’s also not my kind of skewer.

IMG_6320The ponzu Japanese egg. I really love how these eggs are prepared as they are really soft, fragrant and slightly sweet. I can have two rows of it in one go. It was a pity that I couldn’t taste much of the refreshing ponzu over here as I was quite looking forward to that taste. Just like many, I get pretty excited when I see yuzu or ponzu as they seem to be the special ingredients that always succeed in arousing the palates. They also have a cheese mentai egg which looks really appetising. Maybe I should have gotten that instead!

IMG_6322Then I got the grilled salmon don. Rice was sticky enough while there was quite a substantial amount of salmon in it. Sauce was also sweet and fragrant with a slight peppery taste. A simple main, but delicious.

IMG_6317The foamy egg udon. Udon is soft and Q while the soup is savoury sweet. This udon is pretty soothing and would be nice to slurp it up on a cold wintry day. The soup tastes like the soup base of a sukiyaki and I think the same kind of sauce is used. There’s also some beancurd skin in it. As for the foam, I think it’s just some gimmick which adds another texture to the otherwise smooth and clear soup. Taste wouldn’t have differed much if the foam isn’t used.

IMG_6328Got the red bean taiyaki with matcha ice cream dessert. I like the matcha ice cream here as it’s really creamy and milky with a pretty strong matcha taste. The taiyaki is also slightly crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside while the red bean is soft and of the right sweetness. Too sweet and it will snatch the taste of the matcha ice cream. Delicious.

Sumire Yakitori House serves pretty cheap Japanese yakitori and mains. It costs about $54 in total for these few dishes or $27 per person which I think is quite cheap. Yakitori served here isn’t outstanding but good enough if you would like to have a yakitori meal and if you are around the corner. It’s pretty normal actually and tastes much like the food stall ‘Tori Q’ that you can find in the basement of most shopping malls with more flavours to its grill. Service here is quite good and smiley and there’re a few Japanese working as waiters over here as well.

Verdict: An above average restaurant.






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