Ah Mao Risotto restaurant (阿毛石鍋燉飯)

Ah Mao Risotto restaurant


ah mao - 1

ah mao - 2

Yeah, not getting enough of Hong Kong, I decided to spend my new year in Taiwan to celebrate the countdown and also of course try out the different restaurants available. Settled our first meal at Ah Mao Risotto restaurant which is a really interesting and cute cafe. Firstly, I think it may be dog friendly and there’s always a dog out there to welcome you. It’s their mascot I guess. The interior decoration is also bright and cute in an Asian way. Secondly, risotto served here isn’t really the traditional risotto served in an Italian restaurant. You don’t get seafood based risotto but a with a more interesting Asian take, you get things like pumpkin with chicken, pesto etc which works for me.

ahmao- 3Rice is smooth, rotund and moist. I like how each grain is coated evenly with the fragrant pesto sauce. They have also added the more herbal tasting basil which makes this risotto even more fragrant.

ah mao - 4Pumpkin and chicken risotto rice has a pumpkin fragrance with peanut bits on top of it. The rice is really moist and there’s a generous serving of diced tender chicken.

Price here isn’t expensive at all. Actually I feel that Taiwan restaurants are much cheaper than the equivalent in Singapore. It costs about TWD $180 a bowl and if you make it to a meal with soup and drinks, it will cost about TWD $200. However, please skip the soup and drinks as the soup is either too bland or bitty while the drinks are really normal. So just get the cheap and delicious risotto!


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