Sadaharu Aoki

Sadaharu Aoki

Bellavita B2

sadaharu - 6Sadaharu Aoki is a french Japanese fusion patisserie shop and they only have branches in Tokyo, Paris and Taipei. As this made it sounds like a rare gem, I became really interested in trying out this cafe. If you could not find the name of the restaurant on the Bellavita directory ( as it is categorised under a very generic ‘international food’ category I think), just head down to B2 and you will see it.

sadaharu - 3Got the strawberry mousse cake. The biscuit was flaky and light while the custard cream doesn’t feel heavy at all. Just of the right sweetness and doesn’t feel sinful even if you were to finish all of them. Strawberry is also fresh, sweet and slightly sour. A refreshing cake.

sadaharu - 5Then comes the chocolate praline cake. This cake is much heavier as it feels really dense. If you are a chocolate addict and needs to have really rich and dense cake, this would be suitable. Its quite sweet and the different layers actually gives the cake a unique combination of textures. I pretty like that as it makes it not one dimensional and also the different layers have slightly different taste. The macaroon though I thought was a bit dry as compared to my favourite Laduree.

sadaharu - 4The matcha cake is also really dense and tastes similar to a brownie with chocolate tasting layers intercalating between the super rich and strong matcha layers. I pretty like this as I am a matcha fan but try not to consume the matcha and praline cake together as you will get really full and queasy after that. Some of the layers also taste a little like fudge and I guess that is responsible for the queasiness after excessive eating. But if it’s just this cake alone, then it will be a very pleasant surprise for matcha lovers.

sadaharu - 1

Cakes here cost about TWD $190 each and isn’t exactly cheap. They are really well made as they have Japanese-French influences in them which is a characteristic that I really like. Presentation is also pretty good I feel but somehow it doesn’t excite me as much as Le Salon De The Joel Robuchon. I guess that’s because Robuchon doesn’t use that much ‘fudgy’ ingredients and I feel like I could keep on going without feeling queasy at all and still able to appreciate and taste the cakes properly. If you want to have a taste of Robuchon cakes, they also have a Le Salon Robuchon at Bellavita and you could enjoy your afternoon tea as well!

countdown - 1Anyway, Happy 2014 from Taipei!

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