Ai Yu Bo’s House @ fenqihu

Ai Yu Bo’s House

Fen qi hu at Ali Shan

Many celebrities have been to Ai Yu Bo’s restaurant which serves really good ai yu at fen qi hu (a part of Ali Shan). They have a few flavours and one of the flavours, cold milk with ai yu was described as zan nen (a japanese term which means ‘what a pity’) as it was not available when the celebrities were there. Ai yu jelly is made from the seeds of figs, which are ground into powder and then cooked in water to give this jelly like, springy substance. This is a cafe which allows you to spend a whole relaxing afternoon at!

jelly - 1The entrance to the cafe. Really cute font used, and the whole surroundings look really Japanese.

jelly - 3Really nice decoration at the al fresco area.

jelly - 8Very nice view isn’t it when you are having your Q and refreshing ai yu. This is milk with ai yu. Milk is made more delicious with the ai yu as there’s more than one texture and taste to this drink.

jelly - 6The orange ai yu has lime juice in it and is the recommended ai yu from the cafe. It tastes very similar to our ice jelly we have in Singapore coffee shops just that this is more sour and refreshing as lime juice is more intense over here. Also the ai yu is not totally transparent and there are some ‘seed-like’ suspension in the jelly which I think indicates a more authentic ai yu made from the seeds of the fruit itself.

jelly - 5Satisfied with my ai yu and the cafe!

jelly - 7Took a photo with the cute uncle too who owns this restaurant.

So, I really love this ai yu cafe as it is something that you will never be able to find in Singapore. You can have your delicious ai yu while facing the tranquil and peaceful mountain. A really superb way to spend your afternoon at. What amazes me is the layout of the whole cafe as well as the old street (that sells souvenirs and local delights) near it, as they look totally like Japanese stuff. Then again, this place was created by the Japanese when they were in control of Taiwan. The ai yu costs about TWD $60 to $80 each. The owners were also really friendly and smiley and cute actually. A recommended cafe to go too when you are there if you want to have authentic ai yu!


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