Jiayi Huo Ji Rou Fan 嘉義火雞肉飯 (turkey rice)

Jiayi Huo Ji Rou Fan 嘉義火雞肉飯

So after Taipei, we went over to Chiayi via the high speed rail before going to Mount Ali. As Chiayi is famous for its turkey rice, we went to one of the locals’ favourite stall for that. There are quite a number of turkey rice stalls over here and the most famous one is called pen shui huo ji rou fan (they have about 6 branches in the small town of chiayi). However, our guide told us that the restaurant more favoured by locals is actually called chiayi huo ji rou fan.

turkey - 1That’s how big their turkey is! The whole turkey is boiled in a big pot.

turkey - 2The turkey rice. This, to me, actually looks similar to our Hainanese chicken rice but taste is definitely different. The meat here, unlike the usual impression we have of turkey, is actually pretty tender and tastes somewhat like moist chicken breast. It’s quite fragrant with their special sauce drizzled over it. Rice is just a little greasy I felt and I believe that is generally the culture in Taiwan.

turkey - 3Got their kang kong which is stir fried in garlic.

turkey - 4Their lor tofu tastes quite similar to what we have in Singapore except that sauce is less dark and it tastes oilier over here as well.

turkey - 5The recommended pork rib soup with bitter guard. White bitter gourd isn’t bitter at all and the soup tastes fresh with so many ingredients in it!

turkey - 6That is the shop. There’s also another one beside it with the same name and the respective owners are actually brothers but have chosen to venture into turkey rice business on their own.

I guess turkey rice is quite a must eat if you are at Jiayi. It’s not omg, super delicious for me, but you get to taste the food that locals always have and understand why is it so popular among them. Not only is it quite tasty, it is also really cheap. This whole meal costs about TWD $100 per person and the turkey rice only costs TWD $30. Very cheap indeed!


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