Moonlight Tea House for a bubble tea hotpot (玥飲軒)

Moonlight Tea House

Near Gong Guan Station

moonlight- 9

Moonlight Tea House has a really interesting concept. I would say that ‘zen’ is the theme of the restaurant. Soothing and relaxing songs are played while you are sitting down together for a relaxing meal. You could taste the effort and sincerity the chefs have put in in every dish actually. Very meticulous I would say as every taste and texture is taken care of by the chefs. The interior decor is also carefully thought of; I saw a dining table placed on top of a transparent fish tank for you to view the fishes top down while you are dining.

moonlight- 1 Tea that was served to us.

moonlight- 2The starters were well plated and tasted really interesting. The edamame is marinated in salted pepper and tastes delicious; slightly spicy and savoury. The starter at the centre of the plate is bamboo shoots with bean sprouts, bamboo shoots are really succulent and sweet. The sweet potato tastes really sweet and mashy too.

moonlight- 3The toast with tomato spread.

moonlight- 4 The cream soup with prawns which was normal. There was a little bit of coagulation in this.

moonlight- 5The bubble tea hotpot! I ordered the wrong one actually and got the vegetarian hotpot. I think it might have been better if I’ve gotten the one with meat as this pot is really light and slightly on the bland side. However, judging it as a vegetarian dish, I think it makes vegetarian food more exciting. Soup tastes slightly milky and there’s tea fragrance towards the end. The mock meat ingredients are quite special actually and some mock fish cake tastes very much like actual fish cakes which kinda puzzled me. There was one mock stuffed fish ball which I think is interesting and good too, it’s basically mock meat stuffed in mock meat but of different textures. The pearls were however unnecessary I thought as they do not add any special taste or texture to it except for making it into a more exciting presentation. I could imagine how impressed I would be if I’ve ordered the meat hotpot after seeing how impressive the vegetarian one can be made into.

moonlight- 6

moonlight- 7The other main ordered was roasted chicken with baked cheese on top of it and a really healthy serving of jasmine scented rice again. The chicken was so well cooked that it tastes super tender within. Cheese went well with it and makes it even more fragrant. If you are not a cheese lover like me, you can scrape the layer of cheese off easily and add a suitable amount to your chicken. Chicken tasted sweet and fragrant too even without the cheese! Rice is really light and fragrantly scented and I like the colour of the rice.

moonlight- 8Then complementary desserts came and it was really delicious. It has the texture of mochi and isn’t too sweet at all. I also love the brown dust above it; am not too sure what is it but it tastes slightly like coffee yet doesn’t have the super strong taste that coffee has. Light yet fragrant this dish is. Really nice. As couldn’t get enough of it, I bought one packet home!

Moonlight Tea House is a hidden gem at Guan Gong area. It also fits in really well into its surrounding as the layout of the whole street is very Japanese again. Service is once again good here and we spent about TWD $400 per person. For such a reasonable price, you actually get so many complementary dishes and I think that’s really worth it. So, if you want to try something more special in Taiwan instead of the usual lor ba rice or street food, then give this restaurant a visit! I believe you will not regret visiting this place as it’s extraordinarily different from most places.


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