Pagi Sore

Pagi Sore

100AM mall near Tanjong Pagar MRT

I know this may sound crazy but after 6 days of Taiwan, I actually missed SG food. I didn’t have such craving when I was in HK. I guess that’s because not every Taiwanese cuisine fits my appetite. Craving for a bit of belachan kangkong, Y and I decided to go for some Indonesian food at Pagi Sore. Menu here isn’t extensive and in fact only has a pretty small selection of meat, seafood and vege but I always believe that usually the smaller the menu, the better the food. Lets see if such a mentality applies to this restaurant.

IMG_6705One thing that I don’t like about this place is that they don’t serve iced water. It actually is the drink that I usually like to go with my meals as it prevents you from getting thirsty and is actually healthier than most sweetened juices out there. So, as there’s no iced or warm water, I got a glass of watermelon juice which I think is really good. Very fresh and genuinely sweet, this is a very good juice. You know it as it gets pulpy towards the end of the drink. $4.20.

IMG_6706Ikan Ota Kukus which means steamed red snapper in Otah sauce. The sauce really tasted like Otah and when you let it cool down, it actually solidifies slightly and has the texture of Otah. Quite an interesting and nice sauce but the red snapper was a little over cooked. A little too dry on the top side while the bottom was less overcooked and tasted moister. Still an interesting fish though. $25.50.

IMG_6707Ayam Bali which was so good. Fried on the outside and cooked in sweet dark soy sauce, this is a very delicious piece of chicken fillet. I believe this is the signature dark sauce for Indonesian food – sweet yet savoury. Chicken is also tender and not dry while the skin tastes really fragrant. $7.80.

IMG_6708Petai UdangPedas. Prawns stir fried with smelly beans in super fragrant chilli. The highlight of this dish is actually the chilli. It tastes like those freshly pounded chilli mix which has dried shrimp in it. Really delicious but it was too spicy for me actually! The prawns used were of a lower grade as it doesn’t taste succulent. The smelly beans were indeed smelly, it is aromatic on the outside but the inside tasted raw with a strong pungent taste and I didn’t like it. The waiter was saying if Indonesia doesn’t send these smelly beans to them, then they will not have this dish. I prefer them not being sent. $16.80.

IMG_6710Belachan kangkong was our favourite. Not oily as all as you don’t see your vegetables swimming in a pool of oil and really fragrant belachan there. Kangkong was fresh and crunchy too. $8.80.

IMG_6711Look at how cute the rice is presented. Rice is steamed in this banana leaf and it makes the rice more fragrant really. You can smell the aroma when you open it and every mouthful is tasty. Good way of cooking rice here. $1.50 for unlimited servings.

So, after having these feel dishes, I feel that Pagi Sore is particularly strong in their sauces. I believe that the sauces were homemade but a meal is only complete if the raw ingredients are prepared perfectly too. The fish here is slightly overcooked while the prawns used were not the crunchy tiger prawns. I felt that if the cooking time for the fish is well taken care of and fresh tiger prawns were used instead, this Indonesian restaurant would score much better! It’s still a not bad restaurant though!

Verdict: An above average restaurant.


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