Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

Wisma Atria

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar feels like another new addition to those mega chains like Sushi Tei and Itacho. Despite only have one restaurant, it manages to differentiate itself with some of its signature dishes and I believe this restaurant would expand in the future. If you have difficulty locating it on the directory of Wisma Atria, it is located right in Food Republic food court. You can’t miss it when you see a long snaking queue. Luckily we managed to get reservations! Their maki is what one is here for and lets see if the other dishes perform equally well.

IMG_6712We were initially seated at a table beside two girls and luckily S spotted two seats at the bar counter and we were given those seats. Much better as you get more privacy. The bar counter actually looks messy to me as the slab of fishes are cut into unequal sizes but then this is a super busy restaurant which doesn’t serve upmarket sushi. So, such a fish counter is still fun to look at and I like sitting near the open kitchen too!

IMG_6716The first dish that came was the unagi omelette. When it was first served, I thought it will taste really dry as the unagi looks as white as chicken with some dark soy sauce drizzled on top of it. But it was actually really soft, moist and the sauce makes it super fragrant. Skin is also slightly crispy and omelette below it was delicious. Very good dish actually. I like the sweetness and fragrance of the dark sauce too. $12.

IMG_6717The original koh grill sushi was delicious! Yummy assorted seafood fillings and there are also fried crumbs in it that gives it a crunch. Fish roe also pops nicely in your mouth and together with the light mayo, this roll is really good. Rice is also rotund and the sesame coating on it makes it fragrant. $12.

IMG_6728The cod fish coated with fish roe is pretty good too. Fish is very smooth and moist while the skin is really crispy but there were some parts that are burnt and tasted bitter. Also, the fish was swimming in a shallow pool of oil and I didn’t like that. pretty good tho but is my least favourite out of all the dishes. $16.



IMG_6727And the shiok maki which is recommended by S. Pretty good maki here actually and I like the presentation too. Maki is wrapped with thick salmon pieces while I think in it is unagi. What makes this score is the mayonnaise sauce used as it doesn’t make one feel too queasy as it isn’t very viscous. Slightly on the lighter side compared to the usual mayonnaise. $16.80.

IMG_6722This came as a really good surprise. The salted grilled ika or squid. You get to choose a teriyaki one as well if you prefer sweet sauce. I was initially hesitant as I was afraid that the food will not look like what’s shown on the menu. Was worried that I may get shriveled squid instead. But apparently, we got a huge squid with really firm and chewy texture. Really love it when your teeth does not sink into the meat. It really shows their passion for Japanese food I feel as they wouldn’t use some small little squid just to get by their customers. $15.

So is Koh Grill & Sushi Bar worth the wait if you do not make a reservation? I think it would be yes but anyway, the queue isn’t that long anymore already according to S when compared to the past and since it’s more bearable, then why not. Besides the maki, I really love the squid and unagi egg and service is really prompt here I felt. We spent a total of $39 each and I find that it’s worth every single cent really. It’s really heartening to know that Japanese cuisine chefs in Singapore are still able to innovate and be creative, and are actually able to pull through despite the presence of many big mega chains out there. Good job Koh Grill and Sushi bar!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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