The Retrospective

The Retrospective Restaurant and Bar

21 Keong Saik Road, near Outram MRT

Had an enjoyable lunch at the retrospective restaurant. Like what the name suggests, it’s a retro bar that plays musics from the 80s and they also have game machines that are from the 80s. The English family beside me was quite amusing and the mum was actually humming to the music when K and I don’t even know what song is it! Prices here are not steep and you get pretty decent european food here. They have the weekday and weekend menu and we were given the weekend menu but I didn’t like the typical breakfast stuff on it and wasn’t in the mood for burger. They were kind enough to allow us to get the stuff from the weekday menu (if not I would have gone for dim sum at majestic hotel).

IMG_6737For starters, we got the crab cakes. It’s basically croquette with shredded crab meat on top of it. I quite like this dish actually as taste isn’t really heavy and quite soothing in fact while the croquette doesn’t taste too starchy. It also doesn’t taste oily as well. $12.

The retrospectiveThe main I got was duck confit. As they ran out of mash, they gave me waffle potatoes. The duck confit was a small disappointment I felt as meat actually tasted a bit dry and there wasn’t even sauce to go with it. It tasted more like cooked duck with a slight fragrance. The waffle potatoes was quite chewy and addictive actually and it has pepper sprinkled on it. $25.

IMG_6739The half slab of pork rib with coleslaw is a winner! Coleslaw actually looked like a traditional dish I had in Russia and is pretty nice. Not too much mayonnaise on it and the cabbage is pretty crunchy. The pork ribs can be dissected so easily and the meat just slides off the ribs. Very delicious and nicely glazed with sweet bbq sauce. The meat is really tender and flavourful too. But I think this dish is a bit unhealthy as pork ribs are quite oily. $19.

IMG_6744Love apple and raspberry crumble we got from the dessert menu. I am very scared of crumble that tastes super fragrant initially and then towards then end, you are just forcing it down your throat and everything just tastes super buttery and queasy. The one over here is actually much lighter than most versions yet still as fragrant. The crumble is light and fluffy while the apple and raspberry bits in it make in refreshing. Delicious crumble! $11.

The retrospective restaurant and bar is a pretty good bistro to go to I feel as its prices are competitive and food is decent too. We spent about $40 each and were full at the end of the meal. Was justly slightly disappointed with the duck confit but everything else worked for me, so it is still a good restaurant overall. I think the more interesting thing about this bistro is its retro settings, such as the paintings, furniture and even the background music. If you are in for a retro night and don’t want to spend too much on European food, then the retrospective restaurant and bar will be suitable!

Verdict: A good restaurant.


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