Cakes at Goodwood Park Hotel

So after a noisy and distracting lunch at Tatsuya, Y and I decided to go somewhere else quiet for dessert. As we passed by the lounge area before lunch and noticed that they sell pretty alluring cakes, we decided to give it a try. Indeed, the small selection of cakes look really nice and the names are so enticing actually. We got two cakes, the passion fruit and strawberry cake and the cotton lemon cheese cake.

IMG_6785The cotton lemon cheese cake like what its name suggests is really cotton light and fluffy. The impression that we usually get from cheesecake is that it’s really dense and strong flavoured as that is the western cheesecake. This kinda light cheesecake is the Japanese rendition which I really like a lot as you don’t feel too stuffed after having one. The light lemon taste in it also makes it less queasy and is perfect for afternoon tea. $6.80.

IMG_6784The is the passionfruit strawberry cake. You can definitely taste the sour passion fruit custard which will excite your salivary glands. It is coated with white chocolate on the sides and the brown flaky thing has a doughy texture. Love the taste of this cake as it tastes more creamy yet not overly heavy. As this cake has a heavier taste, it should be eaten after the cotton cheese cake.

Delicious cakes are served here and it’s really recommended for an afternoon tea I felt. Somehow I prefer having a few of these cakes to those three tiered afternoon tea which is just an overkill of glucose. Then again, most importantly, this cake lounge allows people to relax while having their cakes as it isn’t noisy at all!

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