Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant

Palm Beach Restaurant

At Fullerton One

It was a great day out with Nick and Jon. They are Oxbridge lecturers and Nick was my supervisor in Cambridge. It was lovely to have both of them in Singapore really. Brought them around the Marina Bay area, to Ku De Ta at MBS and then to the Gardens by the Bay and they enjoyed it. Chilli crab was their clear favourite and I just realised that they love almost everything from Bangawan Solo. Really funny pair and it was such a pleasure to host them! So we went to Palm Beach restaurant for lunch and it was quite empty. I think I was the only local around which is pretty much expected as it’s at One Fullerton.

palm beach - 1Fried fish skin is served as starters and they are so crispy. Chilli sauce is just slightly sweet and really fragrant when it goes with the fish skin. It tastes similar to Thai sweet chilli but more fragrant as more condiments are used.

palm beach - 2Their signature fried soon Hock. Fish was really well fried as the whole thing is so crispy. The chilli drizzled on top of it is also slightly sweet and tastes very delicious with the fish. The fried crispy shreds made it even more delicious. Super fresh fish here and the meat comes off in big chunks and tasted moist even though it’s deep fried. Super nice.

palm beach - 3Steamed tofu with salted egg yolk. Tofu was really smooth and silky while salted egg yolk adds a creamy texture to it. It’s pretty nice but not my favourite though. Thought the sauce was actually a little too thick and viscous actually though it tastes fragrant.

palm beach - 4

palm beach - 5And here comes the famous chilli crab. This is their second time having chilli crab cause they didn’t have enough of it. Chilli crab here is huge and the lightest they have is 1.6kg. Lots of succulent meat at the pincers and the chilli sauce is just so fragrant. I am not a big fan of chilli crab as I find it a big hassle to have it but this one is good and very tasty. Quoting Nick, the sauce has indeed penetrated into the meat. Yummy! The fried mantou went really well with the sauce too!

palm beach - 6The pair having their yummilicious Crab. So happy to be having crab again they are!

palm beach - 7Yeah and we were satisfied after the meal. I don’t really know the price of individual dishes as they come in $/100g except for the tofu that costs $20. The whole meal costs $255 and it was a treat from them. Thank you Nick and Jon! On the whole this is a good restaurant if you are here for chilli crab. Somehow, after relocating itself along One Fullerton, I thought it has lost its character slightly as compared to its previous location in East Coast. It’s just that you don’t get that local feel anymore as they are located in a more touristy area. Don’t get me wrong, food here is still good and view here is very nice too and you get to do al fresco at night when it’s cooler. A really recommended restaurant to bring your overseas friends too or if you want to have a good local dinner by the bay!

Was such a great day out with Nick and Jon and really hope to see you guys some day some where again. I’m sure we will still meet! Have a great new year!


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