Shinji by Kanesaka (part 3)

Shinji by Kanesaka

Raffles Hotel

Call me boring, but Shinji is really THE place if you want excellent edo mae sushi in Singapore. This is my fourth time here and you could read my first and second experiences by clicking on the links. Besides Shinji, I can never find a restaurant that is so close to Tokyo’s Michelin starred sushi restaurant in Singapore. Everything is so similar in terms of ambience, the zen interior decor and the Japanese chefs working in front of you as they will be so concentrated in slicing their fish to perfection. Perhaps the other place that is a little similar to Shinji would be Hashida Sushi at Mandarin Gallery. I also like how the kimono clad Japanese waitress greets you at the door and today I realised that they would periodically top up change your cup of green tea to a fresh cup. Really good service there! So, it’s the kyodai’s bday and yeah I treated him to this sushi place and he loves it. Got the cheapest hana set that costs $75 and on top of that also ordered two pieces of shellfish akagai sushi for $26 each. This sushi only gets featured in the 15 sushi set which costs $180 but it’s the only sushi I really wanted out of that 15 pieces, so I ordered an extra. Really good planning there.

IMG_6791The chefs are all really busy. I think I saw a new chef this time round.

IMG_6787Thought this mackerel sushi looks gorgeous and luscious that I must give it a solo photo. Needless to say, the slithery fish just melts in your mouth. A really good sushi to start off the meal, but then again any sushi is good to start off the fabulous meal.

Shinji part 3IMG_6792The 9 piece sushi that we had. There was a squid sushi as well but I forgot to take a picture of it. All the fish sushi is really delicious. And I think there was a change in one of the sushi as it serves blue fin tuna sushi as shown in the second picture. Really pretty piece of sushi with a sakura hue that makes it so inviting. This sushi alone definitely displays the knifing skills of the chef and the freshness of the imports that Shinji gets. Definitely melts in your mouth when you eat it!

Shinji part 3-002And to make this experience slightly more interesting, I got the ark shell or akagai sushi. Saw photos of it in other food blogs and thought they look gorgeous. The butterfly looking shellfish is just so inviting and beautifully crafted. The way the chef prepares it is also quite intriguing as he first slits slits onto the shellfish and then with all his might, throw it onto his chopping board. Maybe that’s used to soften the shellfish and makes it less tense. The loud thud it creates startled some customers around us actually but everyone found it fun. Super delicious piece of akagai here as it is super springy and soothing to the teeth. Delicious. One such add on costs $26.


IMG_6800Then the chef celebrated kyodai’s bday and made a tuna sushi cake with egg roll. Simple but delicious, I also find the stalk of small flowers cute too.

Shinji part 3-001So these are the starters, clear soup with tuna ball and cheese cake – like egg with radish. I love the crunchy radish a lot as it is sprinkled with some yuzu flakes on top of it. Super delicious. Tuna meatball is also my favourite and the soup is really sweet. Kyodai was asking if we can get one more bowl if we leave the lid half open and I said this isn’t a cantonese restaurant. haha!

Shinji part 31And the dessert for this month is red bean soup with mochi. Love the small bowl used here as it looks really elegant and the dessert isn’t too sweet at all. The broth is exploding with red bean taste and red beans are of the right texture. Not too mashed but still soft. Rice cake is slightly chewy too. I always thought that Shinji isn’t strong in their desserts as it’s a sushi restaurant after all, but I quite like this dessert this time round!

Definitely an excellent restaurant, Shinji never fails to impress every time. After the meal, kyodai kept saying he needs to go back to Japan and I was telling him not to be jealous as I would be flying off to Tokyo in less than two months, hopefully able to catch the sakura season! It would be my fourth time in Tokyo and it’s the first time that I’ve made some reservations at a few restaurants, not sushi Jiro unfortunately. I guess that will be one of the places that I would like to go to the next time i visit Japan again. Really can’t wait to experience such exciting sushi again. I never get tired of blogging Shinji as I always feel that their seemingly simple sushi is actually the hardest to prepare. Without any mayonnaise or condiments, such sushi really tests the skills of the chef and the freshness of their imports. It really brought me back to Japan for a moment this time and I really appreciate that.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant of course!


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