Feng Shui Inn

Feng Shui Inn

Crawford Towers at RWS

IMG_6827As CNY is just round the corner, and though I’ve been having super busy weeks lately, we still need to enjoy and soak up the atmosphere in this festive season I felt! So this whole week would be a week of feasting with the different friends at different Cantonese restaurants! And I started off with V at Feng Shui Inn at RWS. It really is a restaurant that looks pretty and grand on the outside but serves really average food. I was a little disappointed at the quality of the dim sum here but at least we had a relaxing 2h long dim sum and we kept conversing in Cantonese. It was so funny as the waiter started talking to us in Mandarin and then Cantonese but he was good as he’s Malaysian. Even the waitress who serves our table went from English to a bit of Mandarin and then Cantonese but she is definitely not canto as she used ‘ng goi’ when we foot the bill. It should be ‘dor ze sai’ and V laughed so loudly when I pointed out the mistake (to V of course, not so bad to embarrass the waitress).

Fengshui innThe dishes that we had. Everything was really normal but with a higher price tag. It is even more expensive than Wah Lok but less tasty. The more ‘special’ dim sum on the menu is the lobster pastry and black scallop dim sum (second and third on the top row). The lobster pastry actually tasted a bit sweet and there are some nuts in it to give it a little crunch. But other than that, it is pretty normal. As for the scallop dim sum, I find it really disappointing that they used seaweed to substitute the skin. It looks so much nicer on the menu as the skin is a proper skin and not just a seaweed substitute. As for the beef hor fun, it’s just soaking in oil. But the lor mai gai is pretty good, moist and soothing.

IMG_6814The only better dim sum would be the polo bao which has a fluffy bottom and a crispy crust. Char siew is quite sweet and fragrant too which I like.

So, the bill came up to $40 per person and I thought it’s OK but not worth it for the quality. Pretty disappointed actually but nvm as it was still a very good catch up with V and speaking everything in my broken Canto. And then we made our way to Flor Patisserie to have beautiful cakes!

Fengshui inn-001I like the Napoleon cake which has really light and fresh cream in it while its sponge is really fluffy. The cake is also of the right sweetness. The early grey infused tart is V’s favourite as it’s quite fragrant. Good day out!

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