Cassia @ Capella


Capella Hotel at Sentosa

IMG_6932This is I think the other dim sum place, other than Feng Shui Inn that is located near RWS. Unlike Feng Shui Inn, this restaurant blew me away from the moment I stepped into it. Service was almost impeccable and super friendly. It’s very interesting how you are made to walk up a flight of steps and as you get nearer to the restaurant, it gets more and more plush. Very modern oriental interior it has! IMG_6931You even get private rooms that are separated from the main dining hall by these elegant partitions. Dim sum here is definitely not cheap and everything is above $5 but once you have it, you will know why. Standard of each dim sum is really high and actually reminded me of sky high dining Tin Lung Heen and my all time favourite Lung King Heen. It is that good! Finally, I have found a dim sum place that I can go to when I need to have some good HK Michelin dim sum!

IMG_6930Like the tea cup. Very modern oriental design again.

IMG_6933We got the carrot cake which was marvelous. Not too oily, some bits of the egg were slightly crispy. The cake itself is substantial and isn’t too gooey at all. And the most surprising thing is this is made into a seafood carrot cake with super fresh prawns and really smooth scallops in it. Very yummy. When kyodai was eating it, he kept saying he can just have this for the whole meal.

IMG_6936This steamed prawn dumpling with pumpkin sauce and fish roe was awesome. Needless to say, prawn in it was succulent, the very interesting bit was the pumpkin sauce I felt. Not only does it makes it look more appetising, its slight sweetness complements this savoury dim sum. I think this was $12.

IMG_6938The noodles and fried rice served here are for per person and portion isn’t too big. This is truffle with handmade noodles with minced meat and costs $16. Super delicious noodles which didn’t stick together at all and the minced meat was flavourful.

IMG_6939The yang zhou fried rice was heavenly. Every rice grain was uniformly fragrant and there were quite a lot of prawn bits in it. I love how not oily it is. Really delectable bowl of fried rice. Yummy! $16.

IMG_6940Woohoo~ I’m so happy that I got the vegetarian dim sum. Knowing that good dim sum restaurants should also have good vegetarian dim sum, I got this mushroom, carrot dim sum which was so good! Very nicely made with four compartments on each dim sum, every dumpling was super fragrant and I love the strong mushroom taste in each of them. And I also love the very well made skin as it’s moist and has a very smooth texture. Very yummy. $8.

IMG_6941The kurobuta bun with black truffle in it. This doesn’t taste at all like the usual char siew bao. You can definitely taste the black truffle in it as its taste is quite distinct and really separates itself from the usual char siew bao. Bun is also very fluffy.

IMG_6942Wow, this is a must order really. Lobster soup with a uber huge dumpling. Lobster is so fresh and succulent that I tried chewing on it for a longer time. The dumpling skin was so thin and smooth and there’s really delicious fillings in it such as meat and dried scallop which make the dumpling really savoury and sweet. Yummy! Priced at $22 a bowl, it definitely isn’t cheap but is worth the price!

IMG_6947Then we got the avocado cream with vanilla ice cream. There’s also little bit of caramel in it to satisfy the sweet tooth. Quite a good dessert here but I thought that the puree can be slightly thicker and creamier.

CassiaThis trilogy was quite interesting. There’s the honey cake which tasted not bad, the custard pastry with sesame was quite delicious while the jelly was light and refreshing with a slight aroma. I like the jelly most. Like Lung King Heen, I think Cassia isn’t super strong in their desserts too which I wouldn’t mind as dim sum or its mains were already so satisfying.

So, my verdict for Cassia definitely is an excellent restaurant. It is somewhere that I want to bring my parents to as I know they will love it. At one point, I even spoke a bit of Cantonese to the waitress as I know her accent is Malaysian and we had a pretty entertaining chat. Though it isn’t full, I realised that the main patrons are caucasians. As always, gwei lou loves these kinda upmarket oriental restaurants (me too actually). Very elegant and a good place for a great yum cha. I think it’s more than $60 per person for this meal but I don’t know the exact price as kyodai got the bill and didn’t allow me to pay. Thank you!

And before we went, Cassia was so nice to give us a bag of mandarin oranges and hong bao and wished us Happy New Year. It’s only recently when I chatted with my HK and Chinese friends that giving mandarin oranges during CNY is a custom that you can find only in Singapore as they usually only get hong bao!


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