Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine

Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine

Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport T3

IMG_6962Located at the sleek and pretty T3, I was really quite excited to visit Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine as it is really near where I stay. Was also quite excited to visit the Crowne Plaza Hotel as it’s the first time I’m in there. Though modern, it was quite a dark hotel, too dark to be comfortable I feel. I even missed the toilet sign. Though Imperial treasure have different names for some of its chains like Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine and Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck, they actually have the same Cantonese menu. The only difference is its signature dishes, like the Peking Duck for the super peking duck branch.

IMG_6956So I got the seafood tofu which was good. Smooth tofu and seafood were fresh. There’s fish fillet, prawns, squid and mushroom in it. Fresh and delicious while sauce is fragrant. Good to go with rice. About $20.

IMG_6957The Soon Hock fish was delicious. For 900g, it costs $81. Very smooth and succulent fish while sauce is super fragrant. I never fail to order steamed fish at good Chinese Restaurants as I find them very well made always.

IMG_6958Got something quite different this time for the chicken. It’s chicken with yam and coconut milk. This dish was bad though as yam wasn’t cooked long enough. Some bits still tasted a bit hard and the coconut milk doesn’t add any flavour to the chicken meat. Quite a bland dish. To make things worse, meat was actually not totally cooked inside and the waitress removed it from the bill.

IP cantonThai vermicelli with prawns. Very fragrant dish as lemon grass and curry leaves were used. The prawn shells were slightly crunchy too and meat was fresh although the prawns look small. But as we finished to the bottom, the vermicelli tastes really salty and oily. So mix the vermicelli well before eating or just skip those remaining at the bottom.

So how did this Imperial Treasure fare? I would say that it’s good, worth a try if you are staying in the east but I doubt I will be back again as the other branches offer slightly better tasting dishes (for the same menu) and has a much better ambience I felt. This branch was a little dark and the tables are badly placed I felt as there isn’t much walking space in between. Very cramp and distractive I felt. Interior decor doesn’t make you feel that it’s a plush restaurant too unlike the super peking duck branch. Despite all these discrepancies, the prices of the dishes remain the same as the more upmarket peking duck and fine chinese cuisine branches. So I would prefer to go to the latter branches instead. The waitress who served us though was good and friendly. Spent a total for $175 for the three dishes excluding the chicken (as it wasn’t fully cooked).




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