Imperial Gathering at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant

Imperial gathering

Yes, I have been here for the 4th time and so I will not really talk much of quality of the dim sum or duck as I’ve already reviewed the dim sum here. Every time I’m here, I never fail to order the Peking Duck or its roast duck as they are always done so well! Really crispy and moist skin while meat is also tender and flavourful. Would just like to talk about a ‘new’ dim sum that I ordered which I pretty like.

IMG_6968That is the cuttlefish dim sum. Very springy and fresh cuttlefish there and sauce used was fragrant. I quite like that as it’s not one of the common dim sum you get in restaurants. It would be delicious I believe if a curry rendition one is served too.

IMG_6969Oo the girls super happy with the massive amount of food!

Imperial gathering-001

This was a meal that I have been looking forward to for the whole week as I know that it will be really fun and filled with loads of catching up. Well this post really isn’t much about food-whoring but more of an Imperial College gathering! We were course mates in Imperial College and A and V, from Taiwan and Hongkong are down here in Sg (though V will be an expat over here for quite a while). So T and I met them up for a good Peking duck and dim sum meal and chatted so happily over lunch really. I haven’t seen them for quite a while after being back here for more than a year! And caught up a lot with T at the same time. 1 year has passed and everyone is so busy with work. We unanimously agreed that work is really like a marathon and I always need a quarterly trip to take a breather! But am really happy to know that everyone is still doing well despite the heavy workload breathing down our neck! It is gatherings like this that will really take my mind off the never ending work. Not so good a week but seeing these peeps really made my day or week. Hopefully we can meet up in one country one day!

IMG_6974Then V, A and I moved on to the nice MBS for a sky high drink at ku de ta to continue chatting about our lives.

IMG_6972Hope to see you again A! And wa, I think this is one of the perks to have studied overseas as all my friends are now around the world. It’s really fun to meet up these friends in different countries each time. The next one I am intending to meet shall be in Tokyo followed by Switzerland. Looking forward to those trips again!


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