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It was a really long week at work when all my working hours have to be planned to the hour almost everyday with little breaks in between. But all these woes were soon forgotten after a wonderful meal at Binomio. It was quite an impromptu decision with the kyodai to go here for dinner and I couldn’t get seats at the fine-dining restaurant area on Thursday (shows how popular it is). But I’m glad that I didn’t get the a table there as I would not have experienced a wonderful bar experience at Binomio if I had. A meal here is definitely not cheap but it’s one of the only places that would bring you close to Spain.

IMG_6994The cod fillet tapas. The first tapas that was served to us was a disappointment actually. The cod fish was not smooth and doesn’t melt in your mouth. Instead, it’s quite chewy which made us puzzled as it’s my first time having cod fish with this kinda texture. Though vibrant, the sauce was actually quite bland. I was worried that it may be like an over hyped restaurant like Bacchanalia. To divert a little, I was listening to Kiss 92 this morning and it was weird that the guy who’s in charge of Asia’s best 50 restaurants (to be announced next Monday) actually mentioned Bacchanalia as a popular restaurant. Anyway, luckily only this dish was a miss as the rest of the tapas and paella managed to impress! $14.

IMG_6999Luscious Prawns in olive oil. I realised that the tapas over here are not any fancy tapas but really traditional Spanish comfort food. It actually reminded me of Tapas Brindisa Soho in London which has got a Michelin recommended red sticker to it. Very simple, traditional yet delicious Spanish tapas. I love the prawns here as there are quite a lot of them and are definitely fresh. It’s fun to see how chef Antonio cooks in front of us. Very delicious, succulent prawns here with fragrant fried shallots on top of it. $14.

IMG_7003Chef Antonio apportioning the Tortilla to us.

IMG_7005I realised that the letter ‘l’ in Spanish is silent. I know that paella is actually pae-a but it’s my first time hearing torti-a instead of torti-la. So I concluded that Spanish will drop the ‘l’. When we say tortilla, it will usually remind me of the wrap with grilled chicken in it, like what J’s restaurant is famous for. This is the Mexican version while the Spanish Tortilla is actually omelette with onions and potato in it. We got it as it looks really delicious in front of us. Super yummy tortilla really. Omelette is light and spongy while the savoury fillings in it make it super delectable. For just $8, you get three big chunks!

IMG_7002And the star Paella came. We got the classic chicken and seafood. This really blew me away and brought me back to Spain. It reminded of the countless delicious Paella I had in Spain which I have so far not been able to find here. The only restaurant that came close was Bomba. Even then, the Paella there was slightly dry. This was moist, fragrant and every rice grain is intensely flavoured with the seafood stock. Super yummy. Seafood is definitely fresh and there’s prawns, mussels. Chicken was tender too. This paella made me want to go back for the other flavours actually! $66 for 2 persons. The above picture has been apportioned for one!

IMG_7006And chef Antonio’s recommendation for sweets – Churros! I was initially apprehensive as churros sound like a simple comfort food but I went ahead with it as we trusted our chef. Good recommendation indeed, it’s my first time having such good churros. Unlike most churros which are too doughy, this wasn’t at all. The crust is really light and crispy while the inside is slightly chewy and not dry at all. I guess it doesn’t feel dry as it was well fried. Cinnamon makes it slightly refreshing while the decadent rich chocolate sauce will gave it the oopmh for all chocolate lovers.

IMG_7009That’s our sincere, down to earth chef Antonio. We chatted every now and then and he’s really polite and charismatic. Thank you Antonio! Was really great to sit at the bar!

So yeah, despite the miss in one of the tapas, I would still think that this is an excellent restaurant to go to if you want to be brought to Spain. The paella is definitely a must order as it is just so good and authentic! Very close to what I had in Spain though more expensive. Also, the fine dining area though looks romantic, doesn’t really feel so as it’s very noisy during dinner when big groups of working adults in the cbd area congregate for a relaxing and boisterous dinner. So I will choose the bar counter when I go there again. I already know what I want to try next – the squid ink Paella and I will want to ask Antonio to recommend some good tapas! A great night out!

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