Fleur de Sel Le Restaurant

Fleur de Sel Le Restaurant

Near Tanjong Pagar MRT


After having been to and being immensely impressed by Andre and Jaan, I was really looking forward to my lunch at Fleur after I booked it last week (due to a ‘dearth’ of good French restaurants which are strong in both taste and presentation) and yeah, it has really impressed me! Helmed by a great chef with really outstanding credentials, the recently opened French restaurant Fluer de Sel is really an exciting restaurant to look out for. Chef Alexandre worked at Alain Ducasse and Saint Regis Singapore previously and I was very excited already after looking at some of his food photos. Though not an extensive menu, I would feel that every dish would be a spot on after trying the set lunch menu. Set lunch was really a steal as he serves the $38 or $48 set lunch which is decently priced for such a more upmarket French restaurant and quality isn’t compromised. S and I got the $48 one as the ingredients there look more expensive. And so lets see how did the marvelous lunch go!


IMG_7011For the pre appetiser, lamb cubes with tomato was served. Very well flavoured, the lamb meat didn’t have any typical lamb lamb stench at all and tastes tender. Very soothing pre appetiser.

IMG_7014My appetiser was lobster bisque which was one of the best dishes I had for this lunch. Super intense broth with very strong lobster taste in it, I finished every drop of it. Broth was also creamy and not diluted at all. Think the word umami can be used over here. Spot on. The lobster meat though wasn’t too much, had a very good texture and was definitely fresh. There were also small fried bread cubes in it. Very delicious.

IMG_7016S got the other appetiser that is the foie gras with apple. Apple was crispy on the outside and taste sweet. Went very well with the foie gras I thought. I am not a fan of foie gras as I don’t really like the iron taste in it but this was acceptable and I thought it was really tender and well cooked. It was definitely much better than the one had at Hong Kong amber which was just too dry and distasteful.

IMG_7018Then my mains came and it was atlantic cod. The sauce was mild while cod is really fresh and you can taste the natural sweetness in it. Cod is definitely moist and melts slightly in your mouth. Though S thought that the sauce was a little too bland for his taste, it worked for me as I believe that a stronger sauce would overpower the cod taste. Potatoes were also soft and there’s spinach underneath the cod. Yummy!

IMG_7017Chef Alexandre plating the food.

IMG_7019S got beef with mash and beef is medium rare. I like the beef actually as it’s fragrantly pan fried on the outside while the inside is still really soft and slightly on the rare side. Very yummy piece of chunky beef here.

IMG_7022Then we came to desserts and I got the chocolate and praline layers drizzled with caramel. Both chocolate ice cream and praline were so rich and truly a decadent. Very delicious and will definitely appeal to chocolate lovers out there.

IMG_7021Le Baba. The sponge has small amount of liquor in it while whip cream is made of vanilla bean. Though it may look really simple, I find this dessert pretty delicious actually. The sponge wasn’t dry at all as there’s liquor in it and doesn’t taste one dimensional while the whip cream tasted light actually and doesn’t feel fat. Very good dessert there.

So definitely, this is an excellent restaurant and a power lunch to me. Decently priced and food is of really high quality. I really have enjoyed my time there today and though it was a quiet Saturday afternoon, I was told that they are full house every weekday lunch and even has two seatings on Friday and Saturday dinner. That’s quite expected isn’t it given that it’s in a CBD area. Was a very relaxing and great lunch indeed. I believe I would be back again for the ala carte menu as there seems to be other really good dishes out there.

And then, S and I went to catch lone survivor and yeah, it was a superb film! Talks about a true story about the NAVY seals on a covert mission against the Taliban. Really courageous and touching ending.



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