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Yes, I had brunch! I am not a brunch lover, in fact, I dislike brunch as it doesn’t feel like ‘real’ food to me. Usually, when brunch is suggested or mentioned by friends, the first few things that come to my mind will be egg benedict, English full breakfast, some open sandwich with bacon bla bla and these are really boring food to me as it doesn’t take a great chef to make and they literally feel like A+B=C! Despite a sudden increase in the number of cafes in Singapore due to the sudden interest in cafe food, these cafes usually either do not make the cut or are just above average. Thus, brunch is usually the last of the food list for me. BUT, not anymore, after I have been to Bochinche, as this restaurant has a whole new take on brunch and gives a really refreshing perspective to it. I guess that’s because everything used here is really fresh. This place serves Argentinian food, and I don’t really know how should Argentinian food be like as I have never been to Argentina but as long as it’s good, who cares. Lets take a look at how interesting the brunch is.

IMG_7027We got the provoleta with honey and almond. I am not a big fan of cheese but this cheese is just so good. It doesn’t have an overpowering cheesy taste like what you get in pizzas. It’s quite light and yet very chewy, tastes slightly similar to halloumi. Together with the honey, it tasted heavenly. Slightly sweet, yet savoury, this is a good starter to whet the appetite. The almond bits also added the crunch to this dish. $17.

IMG_7028Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with red onions, dill cream cheese. Sorry for the blurry picture but I guess I was too excited at eating them up that I forgot to check its quality. This was an exciting sandwich as the different tastes complement each other really well. I don’t really like smoked salmon that much as they usually have a slight stench if it isn’t fresh but this didn’t have any and felt really fresh. The meat was thick and has a slightly springy texture to it. Very good smoked salmon sandwich there. The scrambled egg was so fragrant as it is not overpowered with butter and is really soft yet not gooey. Very delicious. $20 ish.

BochincheAnd this is churizo sausage with braised ox cheeks and caramelised onions. This dish was again SO good. Churizo sausage isn’t overly salty while the ox cheeks are so soft that it melts in your mouth. The meat just falls apart easily when you bite it as it is super tender. Sauce used also gives it an umami kick. Very good open sandwich here again. $20 ish.


IMG_7035 - Copy

I saw the chef making the Argentinian steak sandwich and we immediately ordered it. A generous serving of beef and beef wasn’t overcooked at all. Still slightly red in the middle, the beef is really tender and delectable. I also love the portobello mushroom and peppers underneath it. Peppers are slightly sweet and caramelised while mushrooms are springy in texture and super delicious. Very delicious sandwich here. $29.

IMG_7040Brioche french toast with peach, lemon curd, toasted almonds and vanilla ice cream. This is definitely a calory bomb but is so good again. Brioche isn’t very doughy as I think egg is a main component in it. Instead it’s really soft and slightly springy. Love the texture. The lemon curd and peach went really well together and you will just want to have more. The ice cream was also smooth and delicious. Creamy yet not overly sweet, this is a dessert that I would recommend greatly!

Bochinche-001The other dessert was grilled pineapple with apple crumble. This dessert is good too as it has a lot of textures to it. The slightly different taste of each component complements each other very well to give a final distinctive taste. Yummy.

IMG_7026The chef busy plating his food. Great chef here!

So, it was G bday today and we treated her to this restaurant. As a typical brunch lover, she agreed that this is the best brunch she ever has had. The whole meal isn’t costly too and is pretty filling. A filling meal here will set you back by about $50 and it’s worth every cent spent really. They also serve lunch which is totally different from the brunch menu and I was told that they would change their menu weekly. I am always excited about chefs that do not repeat their menu as it shows their dedication to food and their commitment to creativity. This is really a good addition to the cafes or bistro here and definitely sets the benchmark for a good brunch. I have never wanted to go back to the cafes that I have visited previously for more brunch stuff but Bochinche is one that I know I will be back again. Bochinche is an excellent restaurant indeed!

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